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How to pronounce categorical (audio)

Dictionary definition of categorical

Absolute, unconditional, or explicit, often leaving no room for doubt, ambiguity, or exception.
"The CEO issued a categorical denial of any wrongdoing by the company."

Detailed meaning of categorical

When a statement, decision, or assertion is deemed categorical, it signifies that it is made with unwavering certainty and without reservation. This term is commonly used in discussions, declarations, or judgments where clarity and definitiveness are crucial. For instance, a categorical denial means a firm and unequivocal refusal of something, while a categorical imperative in ethics represents a moral command that must be followed without exception. In essence, "categorical" emphasizes the complete and unqualified nature of a statement or principle, emphasizing its clarity and absence of qualification or compromise.

Example sentences of categorical

1. She gave a categorical denial of the allegations.
2. The law provides for categorical protection of rights.
3. His support for the project was categorical.
4. The instructions were categorical and easy to follow.
5. The company's commitment to quality is categorical.
6. The evidence presented was categorical and conclusive.

History and etymology of categorical

The adjective 'categorical' has its etymological roots in Greek and Latin. It is derived from the Greek word 'kategorikos,' which pertains to making accusations or assertions. This Greek term was later adopted into Latin as 'categoricus,' which also had a similar meaning of making definite statements or accusations. The Latin word 'categoricus' eventually evolved into 'categoricalis' and then into 'categorical' in English. 'Categorical' retains the essence of making explicit, absolute, and unconditional statements, often leaving no room for doubt, ambiguity, or exception. It signifies a level of certainty and clarity in communication, emphasizing that the statement or assertion is direct and without reservation, making it a term often used in contexts where precision and definitiveness are required.

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Further usage examples of categorical

1. We need a categorical solution to the problem.
2. Her refusal was categorical and unwavering.
3. The rule is categorical and applies to everyone.
4. His statement was categorical and left no room for interpretation.
5. The policy change received categorical approval from the board.
6. The professor's answer was categorical and precise.
7. Categorical answers are essential in scientific research.
8. The agreement is categorical about payment terms.
9. Categorical promises should be kept without exception.
10. The law is categorical in protecting individual rights.
11. His support was categorical, showing his commitment.
12. The results of the study were categorical and clear.
13. The company's goals are categorical and well-defined.
14. A categorical decision was necessary to resolve the issue.
15. She made a categorical statement that she would never support that political party.
16. The professor was known for his categorical approach to teaching, leaving no room for ambiguity.
17. The police chief made a categorical promise to crack down on crime in the area.
18. His categorical rejection of the proposal made it clear that there was no room for negotiation.
19. The judge issued a categorical ruling, putting an end to any further legal proceedings.
20. The company had a categorical policy of not accepting bribes from suppliers.
21. The doctor made a categorical diagnosis, leaving no room for doubt.
22. The politician's categorical refusal to compromise led to a government shutdown.
23. The athlete's categorical commitment to training resulted in numerous championships.
24. The author took a categorical approach to the subject, examining each aspect in detail.
25. The manager's categorical decision to terminate the employee was based on numerous complaints from coworkers.



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