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How to pronounce chaperone (audio)

Dictionary definition of 'chaperone'

A person who accompanies and supervises another person or group of people, often in a social or professional context.
"The young debutante was accompanied by her chaperone to the ball."

Detailed meaning of 'chaperone'

In social situations, a chaperon may be responsible for ensuring the safety and good behavior of young people or vulnerable individuals, while in professional settings, a chaperon may act as a guide or mentor for someone new to a particular field or industry. The term can also refer to a person who is hired to provide personal security or protection for a public figure or high-profile individual. Chaperons may be appointed by parents, employers, or organizations to provide support, guidance, and oversight in various situations, and their role is often to ensure that the people under their care are able to navigate complex or challenging environments with confidence and success.

History and etymology of 'chaperone'

The noun 'chaperone' has its origins in French, where it was spelled as 'chaperon.' It originally referred to a type of hood or cowl that covered the head, particularly the headgear worn by women. The term 'chaperone' itself is derived from the Old French word 'chape,' meaning 'hood' or 'cloak.' Over time, the meaning of 'chaperone' expanded beyond clothing to describe a person, often an older and trusted individual, who accompanied and supervised another person or group of people, especially in social or professional contexts. The role of a chaperone was to provide guidance, ensure proper conduct, and offer protection, particularly in situations where young people, especially women, were involved. The etymology of 'chaperone' reflects its historical association with the protective function of a hood or cloak and the transition to its role in overseeing and safeguarding others, especially in social settings.

Example sentences containing 'chaperone'

1. A chaperone ensures safety at the company's team-building retreat.
2. We need a chaperone for the children at the amusement park.
3. The coach acted as a chaperone for the sports team on the trip.
4. The chaperone monitored the teenagers at the concert.
5. A responsible adult must chaperone the camping trip.
6. The school requires a chaperone for the overnight field trip.
7. The event organizer hired a chaperone for the VIP guests.
8. The bride's father served as the chaperone at the wedding.
9. The youth club always has a chaperone for outings.
10. A chaperone is essential for the safety of the scout troop.
11. We'll need a chaperone for the company's charity event.
12. The diplomat had a security chaperone during the negotiations.
13. A chaperone accompanied the elderly residents on the day trip.
14. The museum tour included a knowledgeable chaperone.
15. The young debutante was accompanied by her chaperone to the ball.
16. The school dance required each student to have a chaperone present.
17. The chaperone was responsible for ensuring that the students behaved appropriately on the school trip.
18. The chaperone was a trusted family friend who had known the young woman since childhood.
19. The chaperone discreetly monitored the conversation between the two young people at the party.
20. The bride's mother acted as her chaperone at the wedding reception.
21. The church youth group was required to have a chaperone on their outing to the amusement park.
22. The chaperone was impressed by the young man's polite manners and respectful behavior.
23. The chaperone noticed the young woman sneaking out of the party and intervened to prevent any further mischief.
24. The chaperone's strict rules regarding curfew and dress code were designed to maintain the reputation of the young women under her care.
25. The chaperone was grateful for the opportunity to spend time with the young people and guide them in their social interactions.
26. The school's code of conduct required that all school-sponsored events be overseen by a chaperone.



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