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How to pronounce charitable (audio)

Dictionary definition of charitable

Demonstrating kindness, compassion, and generosity towards others, particularly those in need or less fortunate.
"They organized a charitable event to raise funds for children in need."

Detailed meaning of charitable

When someone is described as charitable, it signifies their inclination to engage in acts of goodwill and contribute to the welfare and betterment of others. This can involve offering financial support, donating resources, volunteering time and skills, or providing assistance to individuals or communities facing hardship or adversity. Charitable actions are motivated by a genuine desire to help and make a positive impact on the lives of others, often driven by empathy and a sense of social responsibility. A charitable person or organization seeks to alleviate suffering, promote well-being, and contribute to the greater good of society, reflecting the values of compassion and altruism.

Example sentences containing charitable

1. She generously donated a large sum of money to various charitable organizations.
2. The company's annual fundraiser aimed to support charitable causes in the local community.
3. He spent his weekends volunteering at a charitable shelter for the homeless.
4. The charitable foundation provided scholarships to deserving students from disadvantaged backgrounds.
5. The kind-hearted couple dedicated their retirement to charitable work in impoverished regions.
6. She received recognition for her charitable efforts in providing clean water to remote villages.

History and etymology of charitable

The adjective 'charitable' has its etymological origins in Latin and Old French. It is derived from the Old French word 'charitable,' which itself came from the Latin term 'caritabilis,' meaning 'dear,' 'loving,' or 'generous.' The Latin word 'caritas' referred to 'love' or 'affection,' and it was often associated with acts of kindness and benevolence. Over time, 'charitable' evolved to describe individuals or actions that demonstrate kindness, compassion, and generosity towards others, particularly those in need or less fortunate. It embodies the idea of extending love and care to those who are suffering or experiencing hardship. The etymology of 'charitable' highlights the deep connection between love, compassion, and acts of kindness, emphasizing the importance of generosity and benevolence in human interactions and society.

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Further usage examples of charitable

1. The organization offers charitable assistance to families affected by natural disasters.
2. He regularly donates his time and skills to charitable medical missions in underserved areas.
3. The charitable foundation distributed warm blankets and clothing to homeless individuals during the winter.
4. The employees participated in a charitable drive, collecting food and essentials for local food banks.
5. The charitable organization aims to empower women through education and vocational training programs.
6. Her charitable acts of kindness uplifted the entire community.
7. Donating to local charities is a charitable way to give back.
8. The charitable organization provides food to the homeless.
9. His charitable contributions made a significant impact.
10. Charitable deeds often go unnoticed but make a difference.
11. Volunteering at the shelter is a truly charitable endeavor.
12. A charitable heart can change lives in profound ways.
13. Charitable donations support vital medical research.
14. The foundation's mission is to promote charitable initiatives.
15. They have a long history of charitable giving.
16. Acts of charity benefit both the giver and the receiver.
17. The nonprofit relies on charitable contributions to operate.
18. Charitable acts of goodwill create a ripple effect.
19. Their charitable work extends to communities worldwide.
20. The family's legacy is one of philanthropy and charitable giving.
21. Charitable organizations are essential for disaster relief.
22. A charitable spirit can foster a sense of unity in society.
23. She received a charitable award for her outstanding service.
24. The holiday season inspires many to be more charitable.
25. Charitable efforts can bring hope to those in dire circumstances.



generous, selfish, stingy, miserly


Suffix -able, Advocacy and Support, Aid and Assistance, Democracy and Diversity, Compensation and Rewards, Morality and Influence

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