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How to pronounce chaser (audio)

Dictionary definition of chaser

A drink consumed immediately after another drink, typically used to follow a strong alcoholic beverage and help mask its taste.
"He ordered a vodka tonic with a lime wedge as a refreshing chaser."

Detailed meaning of chaser

In this sense, a chaser is often a non-alcoholic beverage like water, soda, or juice that is meant to cleanse the palate or provide relief from the potency of the preceding drink. Another meaning of 'chaser' relates to a person or animal that pursues or follows something or someone, often with the intention of catching or overtaking them. This can apply to a predator chasing its prey, a person pursuing a desired outcome or goal, or even a sports team trying to catch up to or surpass their opponents. Additionally, 'chaser' can refer to a small vessel or container used to hold liquid, such as a shot glass or a condiment dispenser. Overall, 'chaser' can signify a drink to accompany or follow a strong beverage, a pursuer or follower, or a container for liquid.

Example sentences of chaser

1. He took a shot of tequila and quickly grabbed a glass of water as a chaser.
2. The cheetah chased the gazelle across the open savannah.
3. After drinking a strong whiskey, she reached for a soda as a chaser.
4. The detective tirelessly pursued the criminal, acting as a relentless chaser.
5. The soccer team launched a counterattack, with the forward as the main chaser.
6. The cat dashed after the mouse, assuming the role of a swift chaser.

History and etymology of chaser

The noun 'chaser' has an etymology related to its function. It is derived from the verb 'chase,' which originally meant 'to hunt' or 'to pursue.' In the context of drinks, a 'chaser' refers to a beverage that is consumed immediately after another, typically a strong alcoholic drink. The purpose of a chaser is to 'chase' or follow the initial drink, helping to mask its taste or smooth out the drinking experience. By rapidly consuming a milder or more palatable drink after a potent one, individuals can mitigate the harshness or burn of the alcohol and enjoy the overall drinking experience more comfortably. The etymology of 'chaser' aligns with its practical role in enhancing the enjoyment of alcoholic beverages by offering a complementary and less intense drink to follow a stronger one.

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Further usage examples of chaser

1. She sipped her beer and used a pickle slice as a tangy chaser.
2. The police car chased the speeding getaway car through the city streets.
3. He enjoyed his whiskey straight and never used a chaser.
4. The hound dog ran through the forest, chasing the scent of the elusive rabbit.
5. She requested a lemonade chaser to accompany her whiskey sour.
6. He ordered a tequila shot with a lime chaser.
7. After the whiskey, she enjoyed a refreshing water chaser.
8. The bartender served a beer as a palate cleanser chaser.
9. The classic choice for a whiskey chaser is ginger ale.
10. He prefers a pickle juice chaser with his vodka shots.
11. A soda chaser can help mellow the burn of a strong drink.
12. A lime wedge makes an excellent tequila chaser.
13. A cola chaser is a common pairing with rum.
14. The bartender recommended an orange slice chaser.
15. A soda cracker is an unusual but effective chaser.
16. A tomato juice chaser complements a vodka martini.
17. Some people enjoy a coffee chaser with their whiskey.
18. A pickle spear is a classic Bloody Mary chaser.
19. He opted for a lemon wedge as a gin chaser.
20. A beer is a traditional chaser for a shot of whiskey.
21. A pineapple slice chaser adds a tropical twist.
22. She requested a club soda as a tequila chaser.
23. A sparkling water chaser cleanses the palate.
24. A ginger beer chaser complements spicy cocktails.
25. A coconut water chaser pairs well with a tropical rum drink.



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