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How to pronounce chauvinism (audio)

Dictionary Definition of 'chauvinism'

A strong and often excessive belief in the superiority or dominance of one's own gender, nationality, or group, coupled with a biased or prejudiced attitude towards others.
"The political leader's nationalistic chauvinism fueled tensions and hostility towards other countries."

Detailed Meaning of 'chauvinism'

It signifies an unwarranted and aggressive loyalty to one's own group, often leading to the devaluation or marginalization of others based on their differences. Chauvinism can manifest in various forms, such as male chauvinism, which upholds the belief in the inherent superiority of men over women, or nationalistic chauvinism, which promotes an exaggerated sense of national pride and leads to the devaluation or hostility towards other countries or cultures. Chauvinism disregards the principles of equality, fairness, and respect, perpetuating an unjust power dynamic and hindering the progress towards a more inclusive and equitable society. It is important to challenge and dismantle chauvinistic attitudes in order to foster empathy, understanding, and equal treatment for all individuals, regardless of their gender, nationality, or background.

History and Etymology of 'chauvinism'

The noun 'chauvinism' has its etymological roots in the name of a French soldier named Nicolas Chauvin. He was famously loyal and devoted to Napoleon Bonaparte during the Napoleonic Wars in the early 19th century, even to the point of unwavering and excessive patriotism. Chauvin's extreme devotion and loyalty became legendary, and his name came to symbolize extreme nationalism and loyalty to one's own country or group. Over time, the term 'chauvinism' evolved to encompass not only excessive patriotism but also any form of strong and often excessive belief in the superiority or dominance of one's own gender, nationality, or group, coupled with a biased or prejudiced attitude towards others. Thus, 'chauvinism' has come to represent various forms of bias and prejudice driven by unwavering loyalty and belief in one's own group's superiority. Its etymology underscores the historical association with extreme loyalty and devotion that characterized Nicolas Chauvin, highlighting the negative connotations of such attitudes when applied to matters of gender, nationality, or group identity.

Examples of 'chauvinism' in a Sentence

1. His arrogant chauvinism prevented him from considering other perspectives or ideas.
2. The activist group organized a protest against systemic chauvinism in the justice system.
3. Chauvinism in sports perpetuates gender stereotypes and limits opportunities for female athletes.
4. The artist used their work as a platform to challenge and expose societal chauvinism.
5. Educational institutions play a crucial role in promoting awareness and addressing chauvinism among students.
6. His chauvinism prevented him from recognizing her talents.
7. Gender chauvinism has no place in modern society.
8. Cultural chauvinism can hinder global understanding.
9. Nationalism and chauvinism often go hand in hand.
10. Overcoming male chauvinism is a societal challenge.
11. Workplace chauvinism can lead to discrimination.
12. Chauvinism has no place in a diverse community.
13. Religious chauvinism can fuel conflicts.
14. Chauvinism blinds people to their own biases.
15. Political chauvinism can hinder diplomacy.
16. Racial chauvinism perpetuates discrimination.
17. Chauvinism undermines equal opportunities.
18. Chauvinism can stifle progress and innovation.
19. Chauvinism is a barrier to social harmony.
20. Chauvinism relegates some to second-class status.
21. Gender chauvinism perpetuates stereotypes.
22. Overcoming chauvinism requires education and empathy.
23. Chauvinism can lead to exclusion and prejudice.
24. Chauvinism is a hurdle to true equality.
25. Chauvinism divides, but tolerance unites.





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