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How to pronounce circa (audio)

Dictionary definition of circa

An approximate date or time, when the exact date is uncertain or unknown.
"The building is thought to have been constructed circa the 17th century."

Detailed meaning of circa

Latin for "around" or "about." For example, an event can be dated "circa 1600" meaning that it happened around the year 1600, but the exact date is not known. It is often used in history, archaeology, and other fields where the exact dating of events is uncertain.
It can also be used as an adverb to indicate that something is approximately true or accurate, such as "The population of the city is circa 500,000 people" meaning that it is around 500,000 people but not exactly.
In literature and media, it can be used to indicate that the date or time of an event is not exact, but it is approximately true.
It is an indicator of approximation, and it is used to indicate that the date or time is not precisely known.

Example sentences of circa

1. The event is said to have occurred circa the year 1900.
2. She estimates that the painting was created circa the 18th century.
3. He believes the artifact dates back to circa the ancient Greek period.
4. She estimates the population of the city to have been around 100,000 circa the year 2000.
5. The city's founding is estimated to be circa the 12th century.
6. He estimates that the book was written circa the 16th century.

History and etymology of circa

The preposition 'circa' has its etymological origins in Latin. It is derived from the Latin word 'circum,' which means 'around' or 'about.' In Latin, 'circa' was often abbreviated as 'c.' when denoting approximate dates or times. The etymology of 'circa' reflects its usage in English, where it is employed to indicate that a particular date or time is approximate, especially when the exact date is uncertain or unknown. 'Circa' allows for a degree of flexibility in historical or chronological contexts, acknowledging that precision may not always be attainable and providing a useful tool for dating events or objects with some margin of error.

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Further usage examples of circa

1. The artist's peak period is believed to be circa the 1950s.
2. She estimates the temperature to be around 25 degrees Celsius circa the afternoon.
3. He estimates the project to be completed circa the end of the year.
4. She estimated the project's budget to be around $1 million circa the planning stage.
5. He estimates that the company's revenue was around $20 million circa the previous fiscal year.
6. The ancient ruins, believed to date back to circa 300 BC, have fascinated archaeologists for decades.
7. The beautifully illuminated manuscript, created circa the 15th century, is a treasure in the library's collection.
8. She estimated the painting's creation to be circa 1600, based on the artist's style and historical records.
9. The castle, with its medieval architecture, was constructed circa the 12th century and has a rich history.
10. The intrepid explorer discovered the lost city deep in the jungle, dating back to circa 1500.
11. The well-preserved artifact, believed to be from circa 2000 years ago, provides insights into ancient culture.
12. The document, written in an ornate script, hails from circa the Renaissance era, capturing the spirit of the time.
13. The legend of the mythical creature originates circa the Middle Ages, passed down through generations.
14. The fossil, meticulously analyzed by paleontologists, dated back to circa 50 million years ago.
15. The settlement's founding, recorded in historical documents, was circa 1800, during the westward expansion.
16. The exquisite jewelry, featuring intricate designs, was crafted circa the Victorian era, showcasing timeless beauty.
17. The well-preserved shipwreck, resting on the ocean floor, is believed to be from circa the 18th century.
18. The ancient map, discovered in a hidden chamber, was drawn circa the Byzantine Empire, revealing trade routes.
19. The ancient manuscript, written on parchment, was composed circa the Roman Empire, offering insights into governance.
20. The charming village, with its cobblestone streets and historic buildings, was founded circa the early 1900s.
21. The ancient civilization, marked by its advanced architecture, thrived circa 2500 BC, leaving a lasting legacy.
22. The majestic temple, adorned with intricate carvings, was completed circa 500 BC, dedicated to a deity.
23. The exquisite medieval tapestry, displayed in the museum, was woven circa the 14th century, depicting epic tales.
24. The significant historical event, commemorated in texts and artworks, occurred circa the Renaissance period, reshaping culture.
25. The meticulously restored antique clock, adorned with ornate details, was manufactured circa the 19th century, still keeping time.



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