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How to pronounce clout (audio)

Dictionary definition of clout

The influence or power one possesses, particularly in a political or social sense.
"He used his political clout to secure funding for the project."

Detailed meaning of clout

In this sense, someone with clout has the ability to make things happen or affect change due to their position, reputation, or connections. Additionally, clout can refer to a physical blow or strike, often used in the context of a fight or altercation. Another usage of clout can refer to a type of fabric, typically made of wool or a wool blend, that is often used in clothing or upholstery due to its durability and water-resistant qualities. Overall, the word clout has a variety of meanings and can be used in various contexts, depending on the situation.

Example sentences of clout

1. She gained a lot of clout after her successful book was published.
2. The influential blogger used her clout to promote a new product.
3. The politician relied on his clout to push through controversial legislation.
4. He tried to use his family's clout to get a job at the prestigious company.
5. The celebrity's clout helped raise awareness for a charitable cause.
6. The company's CEO wielded his clout to secure a lucrative business deal.

History and etymology of clout

The noun 'clout' has an interesting etymology. Its origins can be traced back to the Old English word 'clūt,' which referred to a patch or piece of cloth used for mending. Over time, this term took on a metaphorical meaning related to mending or repairing one's reputation or influence. By the late Middle Ages, 'clout' had evolved to mean a blow or strike, which was often used figuratively to represent the impact or force one could exert, both in physical and metaphorical senses. In its contemporary usage, 'clout' refers to the influence, power, or sway that a person or entity holds, particularly in the realms of politics, society, or decision-making. The etymology of 'clout' showcases the linguistic journey from a humble piece of cloth to a term that symbolizes the weight and impact of one's influence and reputation in various contexts.

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Further usage examples of clout

1. Social media influencers often trade clout for free products or sponsorships.
2. The powerful union leader used his clout to negotiate better benefits for his members.
3. The professor's academic clout earned him respect within the scientific community.
4. The artist's clout led to her artwork being displayed in renowned galleries.
5. The athlete's clout allowed him to secure endorsement deals with major brands.
6. The CEO's clout enabled her to attract top talent to the company.
7. The journalist's clout granted her access to exclusive interviews and events.
8. The actor's clout opened doors to leading roles in blockbuster films.
9. The entrepreneur's startup gained clout after receiving funding from prominent investors.
10. The musician's clout was evident by the sold-out concert venues on her tour.
11. The organization's clout helped them influence government policy.
12. The fashion designer's clout allowed her to set trends in the industry.
13. The sports team's clout attracted top-tier athletes during recruitment season.
14. The CEO's clout in the tech industry made her a sought-after speaker at conferences.



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