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How to pronounce coalition (audio)

Dictionary Definition of 'coalition'

A temporary or permanent alliance formed by individuals, groups, or nations with the shared goal of achieving a common objective.
"The coalition of political parties formed a formidable alliance to win the election."

Detailed Meaning of 'coalition'

It typically involves different entities coming together, pooling their resources, expertise, and influence to work collaboratively towards a specific purpose or to address a particular issue. Coalitions are often formed in political, social, or business contexts, where diverse stakeholders join forces to amplify their collective voice, increase their bargaining power, or tackle complex challenges that require collective action. Such alliances are characterized by cooperation, coordination, and the pooling of diverse perspectives and strengths, enabling the coalition members to leverage their combined efforts and achieve outcomes that would be more difficult to attain individually. The success of a coalition often hinges on effective communication, negotiation, and consensus-building among its members, as they navigate shared decision-making processes and manage divergent interests and viewpoints.

History and Etymology of 'coalition'

The noun 'coalition' finds its etymological origins in the Latin word 'coalescere,' which means 'to grow together' or 'to unite.' This term is a combination of 'co-' (meaning 'together') and 'alescere' (meaning 'to grow' or 'to increase'). In essence, it denotes the process of various entities coming together and growing as one. As the word 'coalition' made its way from Latin into English, it retained this sense of unity and growth, highlighting the formation of temporary or permanent alliances among individuals, groups, or nations with a shared objective. Understanding the etymology of 'coalition' helps us appreciate the idea that diverse entities can join forces and strengthen their collective efforts to achieve a common goal, reflecting the essence of cooperation and collaboration embedded in the word's history.

Examples of 'coalition' in a Sentence

1. The coalition of countries signed a treaty to promote international security.
2. The coalition of labor unions negotiated for better wages and working conditions.
3. The technology coalition developed innovative solutions to address cybersecurity threats.
4. The coalition of community organizations implemented initiatives to tackle homelessness.
5. The sports coalition organized tournaments to foster inclusivity and promote fair play.
6. The coalition of nations united against the common threat.
7. The business coalition advocated for tax reform.
8. A coalition of activists protested for social justice.
9. The coalition's efforts led to policy change.
10. The coalition members shared a common vision.
11. Governments formed a coalition for economic stability.
12. The coalition negotiated a peace agreement.
13. The coalition of artists showcased their work.
14. Our coalition promoted environmental conservation.
15. A coalition of students protested tuition hikes.
16. They formed a coalition to combat poverty.
17. The coalition fought for workers' rights.
18. Politicians joined a coalition to pass legislation.
19. A coalition of scientists researched new solutions.
20. The coalition's diversity strengthened their cause.
21. The coalition's leaders met to discuss strategy.
22. The coalition aimed to improve healthcare access.
23. Local businesses formed a coalition for growth.
24. The coalition celebrated their shared achievements.





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