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How to pronounce cocktail (audio)

Dictionary definition of cocktail

A mixed drink consisting of two or more ingredients, typically including alcoholic spirits, juices, syrups, or other flavorings.
"The bartender skillfully mixed a delicious cocktail using fresh ingredients."

Detailed meaning of cocktail

Cocktails are often prepared with precision and creativity, blending various components to create a unique and enjoyable flavor profile. They can be served in a wide range of styles, such as shaken, stirred, frozen, or blended. Cocktails are popularly consumed at social gatherings, bars, or restaurants as a means of socializing or celebration. They offer a refreshing and flavorful way to enjoy alcoholic beverages, with each cocktail having its own distinctive taste and presentation. Cocktails can range from classic recipes with well-known names, such as the Martini or Mojito, to innovative creations that showcase the skills and inventiveness of mixologists. The term 'cocktail' also extends to non-alcoholic versions, commonly referred to as mocktails, which offer a similar aesthetic and taste experience without the presence of alcohol. Overall, cocktails are enjoyed for their craftsmanship, flavor combinations, and ability to enhance social experiences.

Example sentences of cocktail

1. She sipped on a fruity cocktail by the poolside, enjoying the tropical flavors.
2. The cocktail menu offered a wide selection of martinis, margaritas, and daiquiris.
3. He ordered a classic Old Fashioned cocktail at the elegant lounge.
4. The bartender garnished the cocktail with a twist of lemon and a cocktail umbrella.
5. She enjoyed a refreshing mojito cocktail on a warm summer evening.
6. The signature cocktail of the restaurant was a unique blend of gin, elderflower, and citrus.

History and etymology of cocktail

The noun 'cocktail' has an intriguing etymology that hints at its diverse and mixed nature. Its origin is somewhat debated, but one popular theory suggests that it may have emerged in the early 19th century in the United States. Some believe it may have been derived from the French word 'coquetier,' which was a small egg cup used for serving drinks. Another theory suggests it might have come from the practice of cocking or mixing the tails of horses with various spirits to create a potent concoction, likening the mixing of ingredients in a drink to the mixing of horse's tails. Regardless of its precise origin, the term 'cocktail' has come to symbolize a mixed drink comprising a blend of alcoholic spirits, juices, syrups, or other flavorings. Its etymology underscores the notion of combining diverse elements to create a delightful and harmonious beverage, reflecting the artistry and creativity often associated with mixology.

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Further usage examples of cocktail

1. He experimented with different ingredients to create his own original cocktail recipe.
2. The cocktail party was a lively affair, with guests mingling and enjoying their drinks.
3. The bartender used a cocktail shaker to mix the ingredients and create a frothy texture.
4. The cocktail hour at the wedding featured a champagne toast and specialty cocktails.
5. She admired the beautiful presentation of the cocktail, garnished with fresh herbs and a cherry.
6. The bartender mixed a colorful cocktail for her.
7. They enjoyed a refreshing cocktail by the pool.
8. He ordered a classic martini at the upscale cocktail bar.
9. She sipped her cocktail as the sun set over the ocean.
10. The tropical cocktail came garnished with a pineapple slice.
11. The bartender shook the cocktail vigorously with ice.
12. The cocktail menu featured a variety of creative concoctions.
13. They shared stories over cocktails at the speakeasy.
14. A cocktail umbrella added a festive touch to her drink.
15. He requested a non-alcoholic cocktail at the party.
16. The cocktail party was filled with laughter and chatter.
17. She preferred her cocktails with a hint of citrus.
18. He stirred his cocktail gently with a swizzle stick.
19. The mixologist crafted a unique, spicy cocktail.
20. They sampled a flight of miniature cocktails.
21. The cocktail's sweetness was balanced by a touch of bitterness.
22. The rooftop bar offered panoramic views and craft cocktails.
23. She ordered a signature cocktail named after the bartender.
24. The bartender garnished the cocktail with a twist of lemon.
25. His favorite cocktail was a classic Old Fashioned.



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