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Dictionary definition of collective

Involving or pertaining to a group or a collective body of individuals.
"The group's collective effort resulted in a breakthrough innovation."

Detailed meaning of collective

It emphasizes the idea of joint or shared action, decision-making, responsibility, or ownership among a group of people. When used to describe actions, efforts, or achievements, the term implies that they are the result of the combined contributions or collaboration of multiple individuals. It signifies a collective effort or endeavor where the actions or outcomes are not attributed to a single person but rather to the collective as a whole. The term can also encompass the idea of shared or common interests, goals, or responsibilities among a group. It highlights the concept of unity, cooperation, and working together towards a common purpose or objective. In summary, "collective" characterizes actions, efforts, or attributes that are shared, joint, or cooperative among a group of individuals rather than individualistic or singular in nature.

Example sentences of collective

1. The team made a collective decision to pursue a new strategy.
2. The organization celebrated its collective achievement in reaching its fundraising goal.
3. We need to take collective responsibility for the success of the project.
4. The employees showed a collective commitment to improving work-life balance.
5. Our collective goal is to create a more sustainable future.
6. The band's collective talent and creativity produced an incredible album.

History and etymology of collective

The adjective 'collective' traces its etymological origins to the Latin word 'collectivus,' which is formed from 'collectus,' the past participle of 'colligere,' meaning 'to gather together.' 'Collective' describes something that involves or pertains to a group or a collective body of individuals. It emphasizes the notion of gathering or bringing together people or elements into a unified whole, where the collective takes precedence over individuality. The etymology of 'collective' highlights the idea of shared effort, shared responsibility, and shared identity within a group, underscoring the collective nature of the subject or concept it describes.

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Further usage examples of collective

1. We formed a collective agreement on how to allocate the resources.
2. The community came together in a collective effort to clean up the park.
3. The committee's collective expertise ensured a thorough review of the proposal.
4. The decision to invest in renewable energy was a collective choice by the board.
5. The school celebrated the students' collective academic achievements at the awards ceremony.
6. The collective effort led to a successful outcome.
7. Collective decision-making can be more democratic.
8. Their collective knowledge surpassed individual expertise.
9. The collective wisdom of the group guided our choices.
10. Collective responsibility is crucial in teamwork.
11. The collective goal was to improve the community.
12. Collective action can bring about social change.
13. The collective consciousness shifted over time.
14. The collective voice of the people was heard.
15. Collective bargaining improved workers' conditions.
16. Collective memories shaped their shared identity.
17. The collective effort inspired others to join.
18. Their collective commitment was unwavering.
19. Collective responsibility for the project ensured success.
20. The collective decision was unanimous.
21. Collective intelligence fueled their innovation.
22. The collective vision inspired a sense of purpose.
23. Collective empathy can foster understanding.
24. The collective support of the team was invaluable.
25. Their collective achievement brought them recognition.



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