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How to pronounce comatose (audio)

Dictionary definition of comatose

Relating to a state of deep unconsciousness where a person is unresponsive to external stimuli and unable to awaken.
"He was rushed to the hospital in a comatose state."

Detailed meaning of comatose

When someone is comatose, they are in a state of complete unawareness and have no control over their movements or bodily functions. The condition is often the result of severe trauma or injury to the brain, such as from a stroke, severe head injury, or drug overdose. In some cases, comatose states can be medically induced to protect the body during major surgeries or to allow time for the brain to heal after trauma. Comatose patients require close medical supervision to ensure their survival and prevent complications such as infections or bedsores. Depending on the underlying cause of the coma, it may be reversible with treatment, or the patient may remain comatose indefinitely.

Example sentences of comatose

1. The patient was comatose for several days after the accident.
2. The medication induced a comatose state in the patient.
3. He lay in a comatose state, unaware of his surroundings.
4. The comatose patient required constant monitoring.
5. She slipped into a deep comatose sleep.
6. The doctor assessed the comatose patient's neurological responses.

History and etymology of comatose

The adjective 'comatose' has its etymological origins in the Greek word 'koma,' which means 'deep sleep' or 'state of unconsciousness.' 'Comatose' is used to describe a state of deep unconsciousness where a person is unresponsive to external stimuli and unable to awaken. The term embodies the concept of a profound and prolonged loss of consciousness, often resulting from severe injury, illness, or medical conditions affecting the brain. 'Comatose' reflects the medical understanding of this critical state, highlighting the complete lack of responsiveness and the grave nature of such conditions. It underscores the importance of medical intervention and the challenges faced by individuals and their caregivers when dealing with this extreme form of unconsciousness.

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Further usage examples of comatose

1. The family was devastated to see their loved one in a comatose condition.
2. The comatose patient showed no signs of improvement.
3. Despite the doctor's efforts, the comatose patient remained unresponsive.
4. The accident left him comatose, with no immediate signs of recovery.
5. The medical team worked tirelessly to stabilize the comatose patient.
6. The comatose state can be caused by various factors, such as trauma or illness.
7. Her comatose state puzzled the doctors, who struggled to identify the underlying cause.
8. The comatose patient's vital signs were stable, but there was no significant improvement.
9. The comatose individual was placed on life support to ensure proper care.
10. The family held on to hope, praying for their comatose relative's recovery.
11. The comatose patient's brain activity was minimal.
12. The medical team closely monitored the comatose patient's breathing pattern.
13. The comatose state rendered the patient unable to communicate or respond to external stimuli.
14. The doctor provided regular updates on the comatose patient's condition to the concerned family.



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