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How to pronounce concoct (audio)

Dictionary Definition of 'concoct'

To carefully combine or mix different elements to create something new.
"She had to concoct an excuse for being late to the meeting."

Detailed Meaning of 'concoct'

The term is often used to refer to the preparation of food or drink, such as mixing ingredients to create a recipe, but can also refer to other creative processes, such as devising a plan or scheme, or inventing something.

In the field of chemistry, concocting refers to the process of combining different chemicals to create a new substance.

In literature, it can refer to the process of creating a story or a plot by combining different elements of a narrative.

In general, it requires skill, knowledge and creativity, and the end result is usually something that is well thought-out and carefully prepared.

Examples of 'concoct' in a Sentence

1. The chef can concoct a delectable dish from any ingredients in the kitchen.
2. She could concoct a compelling story from the simplest of ideas.
3. The scientist aimed to concoct a groundbreaking formula in the lab.
4. In his workshop, he would concoct intricate sculptures from scrap metal.
5. The mixologist could concoct the most exotic cocktails in town.
6. They would often concoct plans for their next great adventure.

History and Etymology of 'concoct'

The verb 'concoct' has an etymology rooted in Latin. It is derived from the Latin word 'concoquere,' which combines 'con,' meaning 'together,' and 'coquere,' meaning 'to cook' or 'to boil.' In Latin, 'concoquere' was used to describe the process of cooking different ingredients together, blending them to create something new. 'Concoct' entered the English language in the 16th century and took on the meaning of carefully combining or mixing different elements to create something new, not necessarily limited to cooking but applicable to any creative or strategic process. Its etymology reflects the idea of bringing elements together, like ingredients in a recipe, to craft something unique or innovative, harkening back to its Latin origins in 'concoquere.'





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