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helpful, hindering, detrimental, obstructive


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How to pronounce conducive (audio)


Dictionary definition of conducive

Favorable or beneficial for a particular outcome or activity.
"A positive attitude is conducive to success in any endeavor."

Detailed meaning of conducive

For example, a quiet and peaceful atmosphere can be conducive to studying or reading, while a noisy and chaotic environment can be detrimental to concentration and productivity. Similarly, a supportive and encouraging team can be conducive to achieving success in a project, while a negative and unsupportive team can hinder progress and growth. In general, the word 'conducive' implies a sense of facilitation or promotion, suggesting that a particular condition or factor is helping to create or enhance a desired outcome or goal.

Example sentences containing conducive

1. A quiet environment is conducive to focused studying.
2. Positive feedback is conducive to employee motivation.
3. The rainy weather was conducive to a cozy day indoors.
4. Effective communication is conducive to a healthy relationship.
5. A calm atmosphere is conducive to creative thinking.
6. Good nutrition is conducive to overall well-being.

History and etymology of conducive

The adjective 'conducive' finds its etymological roots in Latin. It is derived from the Latin word 'conducere,' which means 'to lead together' or 'to bring together.' This Latin term is composed of 'con-' meaning 'together' and 'ducere' meaning 'to lead.' When 'conducive' emerged in the English language, it retained the sense of things coming together to lead to a favorable or beneficial outcome. Therefore, 'conducive' signifies conditions or factors that are favorable or helpful in promoting a particular outcome or activity, closely reflecting its Latin origin, which emphasizes the idea of leading or bringing together elements for a positive result.

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Further usage examples of conducive

1. Supportive parents create a conducive home environment.
2. A well-organized workspace is conducive to productivity.
3. Proper training is conducive to success in sports.
4. Cooperation among team members is conducive to success.
5. Adequate sleep is conducive to physical and mental health.
6. A peaceful atmosphere is conducive to meditation.
7. A positive attitude is conducive to problem-solving.
8. A conducive classroom environment enhances learning.
9. A well-structured curriculum is conducive to student growth.
10. Open dialogue is conducive to resolving conflicts.
11. Healthy habits are conducive to a longer life.
12. A flexible schedule can be conducive to work-life balance.
13. A supportive community is conducive to personal growth.
14. A growth mindset is conducive to continuous improvement.
15. The calm and serene surroundings were conducive to meditation and relaxation.
16. Good lighting is conducive to a productive work environment.
17. A healthy diet and regular exercise are conducive to overall wellness.
18. Soft background music can be conducive to a romantic atmosphere.
19. A supportive network of friends can be conducive to mental health.
20. A comfortable temperature is conducive to a good night's sleep.
21. A well-organized workspace is conducive to efficiency and productivity.
22. Encouraging feedback is conducive to learning and personal growth.
23. A quiet study area is conducive to academic success.
24. A sense of community is conducive to a fulfilling social life.
25. A safe and welcoming environment is conducive to positive mental health.

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