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How to pronounce convex (audio)

Dictionary definition of convex

Having a surface or shape that curves outward, like the exterior of a sphere or a balloon.
"The convex curvature of the windshield helped to deflect wind and rain."

Detailed meaning of convex

In geometry, a convex shape bulges outward, with no inward curves or dents. This is in contrast to a concave shape, which curves inward. Convex shapes can be found in various objects, such as lenses, mirrors, and some kinds of jewelry. The convex shape is often used to focus or spread light, as the outward curve causes light rays to diverge or converge. The shape is also important in many engineering and architectural applications, as it can distribute force and weight evenly.

Example sentences containing convex

1. The mirror had a convex surface that distorted reflections.
2. He noticed the convex shape of the bubble as it floated away.
3. The lenses in her glasses were slightly convex to correct her vision.
4. The architect used convex windows in the design to give the building a unique look.
5. She placed the convex side of the spoon against the bowl to scrape out the batter.
6. The convex curvature of the skateboard ramp allowed for thrilling aerial tricks.

History and etymology of convex

The adjective 'convex,' denoting a surface or shape that curves outward, derives its etymology from the Latin word 'convexus.' In Latin, 'convexus' was used to describe something that was arched or rounded, particularly when referring to the shape of a surface. This term itself is a combination of 'com-' (with or together) and 'vexus,' which is related to 'vehere,' meaning 'to carry' or 'to convey.' Thus, 'convexus' literally means 'carrying together' or 'curved together,' capturing the idea of a surface that bulges or curves outward in a unified manner. Over time, this Latin term evolved into the English adjective 'convex,' which is commonly used to describe shapes such as the exterior of a sphere or a balloon that exhibit outward curvature.

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Further usage examples of convex

1. I could see my distorted reflection in the convex security mirror at the store.
2. The telescope's convex lens gathers more light and allows for a clearer view of distant stars.
3. The elegant chandelier featured small convex crystals hanging from its arms.
4. The artist incorporated a convex shape in his sculpture to add depth and interest.
5. The convex hull is a mathematical concept used in computational geometry.
6. Her necklace had a beautiful convex gem that sparkled in the light.
7. The convex shape of the car's fender gave it a sleek and aerodynamic look.
8. He used a convex mold to create a unique pattern on the pottery.
9. The convex screen of the old television set made the image seem slightly warped.
10. The satellite dish had a convex surface to collect signals efficiently.
11. They noticed the convex curvature in the old book’s pages due to humidity.
12. The designer used convex buttons on the coat for a stylish touch.
13. The convex trim around the frame added a classic touch to the mirror.
14. The playground slide had a convex shape, making it more fun for the children.



bulging, concave, hollow, indented

SAT 7 (Scholastic Assessment Test), Spatial Formations and Design, Shape and Form

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