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How to pronounce cryptic (audio)

Dictionary definition of cryptic

Mysterious, puzzling, or intentionally difficult to understand or decipher.
"The book is full of cryptic symbols and hidden meanings."

Detailed meaning of cryptic

When we refer to information, messages, or symbols as cryptic, we suggest that they conceal their true meaning or intention behind layers of obscurity. Cryptic elements may require careful analysis, interpretation, or decryption to uncover their significance. This term often implies that there is more to be revealed or understood, encouraging curiosity and investigation. Cryptic language or imagery is often associated with codes, riddles, or hidden messages, and it can add an element of intrigue or challenge to a situation. In essence, "cryptic" underscores the notion of concealed meaning or ambiguity, inviting individuals to delve deeper in their quest for understanding.

Example sentences containing cryptic

1. The cryptic message left us wondering about its hidden meaning.
2. Her cryptic smile hinted at a secret she was keeping.
3. The ancient hieroglyphs on the wall remained cryptic to archaeologists.
4. The treasure map was filled with cryptic symbols and clues.
5. The cryptic note found at the crime scene puzzled the detectives.
6. The coded message in the spy novel was intentionally cryptic.

History and etymology of cryptic

The adjective 'cryptic' has its roots in the Greek word 'kryptikos,' which is derived from 'kryptos,' meaning 'hidden' or 'concealed.' The term 'kryptos' forms the basis for various words related to secrecy or concealment in Greek. Over time, 'cryptic' made its way into the English language to describe something that is mysterious, puzzling, or intentionally difficult to understand or decipher. When we delve into the etymology of 'cryptic,' we find that it embodies the concept of something hidden or concealed beneath a veil of complexity, inviting intrigue and curiosity. This word is used to convey the idea that there is more to be discovered beneath the surface, reinforcing its association with things that are mysterious or enigmatic.

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Further usage examples of cryptic

1. His cryptic response only deepened the mystery surrounding the incident.
2. The cryptic artwork drew viewers in with its enigmatic symbolism.
3. The cryptic ritual had been passed down through generations.
4. The cryptic aura of the haunted mansion sent shivers down our spines.
5. The professor's lecture on quantum physics was filled with cryptic equations.
6. The website's terms and conditions were intentionally cryptic.
7. The cryptic behavior of the wildlife in the area intrigued researchers.
8. The mysterious caller left a cryptic voicemail message.
9. The cryptic crossword puzzle challenged even the most seasoned solvers.
10. The cryptic prophecy in the fantasy novel foreshadowed a great conflict.
11. The cryptic lyrics of the song left listeners contemplating their meaning.
12. The cryptic code in the software had programmers scratching their heads.
13. The cryptic symbolism in the painting left art critics debating its significance.
14. The cryptic aura of the ancient forest made it feel enchanted.
15. The message was written in a cryptic code that was difficult to decipher.
16. The cryptic message left on the wall was never fully understood.
17. The riddle was cryptic and took hours to solve.
18. His cryptic response left her wondering what he meant.
19. The cryptic note was signed with only a single initial.
20. The cryptic graffiti was found on the side of a building.
21. The cryptic message on the website sparked theories and speculation.
22. The artist's work is known for its cryptic imagery.
23. The cryptic crossword puzzle was a challenge for even experienced solvers.
24. The cryptic message was found scrawled on the back of the photo.
25. The cryptic tweet from the hacker group caused confusion among the public.



enigmatic, clear, obvious, explicit


ACT 5 (American College Testing), Irregular and Unpredictable, Unclear and Uncertain

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