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How to pronounce culmination (audio)


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Dictionary definition of culmination

The highest point, climax, or final stage of something, typically a process, event, or achievement.
"The concert reached its culmination with a breathtaking fireworks display."

Detailed meaning of culmination

It represents the moment or event that marks the completion or fulfillment of a series of actions or efforts. The culmination is the result of a gradual progression, building up to the most significant or decisive point. It often carries a sense of significance, achievement, or resolution. The culmination may be marked by a grand finale, a climax, or the realization of a long-awaited goal. It represents the ultimate outcome or apex of a particular endeavor, project, or journey, symbolizing the pinnacle of success or the end of a particular phase. The culmination is a moment of closure and often serves as a turning point, leading to new beginnings or further developments.

Example sentences containing culmination

1. Graduation day was the culmination of four years of hard work and dedication.
2. The thrilling dance routine was the culmination of weeks of rehearsals.
3. Winning the championship was the culmination of the team's season-long efforts.
4. The climactic battle between the hero and the villain was the culmination of the film's plot.
5. The marriage proposal at sunset was the culmination of their romantic getaway.
6. The scientific experiment's results were the culmination of years of research.

History and etymology of culmination

The noun 'culmination' finds its etymological roots in the Latin word 'culminatio,' derived from 'culmen,' which means 'summit' or 'peak.' This Latin term, in turn, is related to 'celsus,' meaning 'high' or 'elevated.' Thus, the etymology of 'culmination' underscores its connection to the highest point or climax of something, symbolizing the pinnacle or culmination of a process, event, or achievement. It conveys the idea that at this stage, whatever is being described has reached its zenith or final culmination, marking a moment of achievement or peak performance.

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Further usage examples of culmination

1. The artist's gallery exhibition was the culmination of their artistic journey.
2. The successful product launch was the culmination of months of planning and development.
3. The surprise party thrown for her birthday was the culmination of secret preparations.
4. The climber reached the summit of the mountain, the culmination of their challenging expedition.
5. The award ceremony was the culmination of the year, honoring outstanding achievements.
6. Graduation day marked the culmination of years of hard work.
7. The concert's culmination was a breathtaking fireworks display.
8. The championship game was the culmination of a grueling season.
9. Years of research led to the culmination of a groundbreaking discovery.
10. Their love story reached its culmination with a romantic proposal.
11. The successful product launch was the culmination of teamwork.
12. Achieving the summit was the culmination of their mountain trek.
13. The culmination of the project was met with applause and relief.
14. The movie's thrilling climax was the culmination of suspense.
15. The marathon's culmination was the finish line celebration.
16. The art exhibit's culmination was a gala attended by many.
17. Years of training led to the culmination of her Olympic dream.
18. The book's culmination left readers with a powerful message.
19. The wedding day was the culmination of their fairytale romance.
20. A standing ovation marked the culmination of the actor's career.
21. The courtroom drama reached its culmination with a surprising twist.
22. The political campaign's culmination was Election Day victory.
23. The culmination of their journey was a breathtaking sunset.
24. The research project's culmination brought new insights.
25. The project's culmination was met with both joy and nostalgia.



climax, beginning, start, inception


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