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develop, neglect, ignore, abandon


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How to pronounce cultivate (audio)


Dictionary definition of cultivate

To foster, nurture, or develop something, such as skills, relationships, qualities, or land, through deliberate effort and care.
"It is important to cultivate healthy relationships with friends and family."

Detailed meaning of cultivate

When someone 'cultivates' something, they engage in a purposeful process of tending to it, enabling it to grow and flourish. This term can apply to a wide range of activities and contexts. For example, one can cultivate a garden by planting and caring for plants, cultivate relationships by investing time and effort in them, or cultivate a talent by practicing and honing one's skills. 'Cultivate' underscores the idea of active and attentive involvement in the development or improvement of something, emphasizing the importance of patience, dedication, and nurturing to achieve the desired results.

Example sentences containing cultivate

1. Farmers cultivate crops to provide food for the community.
2. The gardener carefully cultivates a variety of flowers in the garden.
3. Teachers aim to cultivate a love for learning in their students.
4. To succeed in any field, one must cultivate a strong work ethic.
5. Entrepreneurs need to cultivate a network of contacts to grow their business.
6. Cultivating mindfulness through meditation can bring inner peace.

History and etymology of cultivate

The verb 'cultivate' has its etymological origins in Latin. It is derived from the Latin word 'cultivare,' which combines 'cultus,' meaning 'tilled' or 'cultivated,' and 'avere,' meaning 'to do' or 'to make.' In Latin, 'cultivare' referred to the act of preparing and tending to the land for agriculture, emphasizing the deliberate effort and care involved in nurturing crops. Over time, the term 'cultivate' broadened in English to describe the deliberate fostering, nurturing, or development of various things, such as skills, relationships, qualities, or even one's own personal growth. It emphasizes the idea of purposeful and careful attention to encourage growth and improvement, whether it be in the context of farming, personal development, or the nurturing of ideas and talents. 'Cultivate' reflects its Latin origins in the concept of actively and skillfully tending to something to make it thrive.

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Further usage examples of cultivate

1. Scientists are constantly working to cultivate new strains of disease-resistant plants.
2. The coach strives to cultivate teamwork and cooperation among the players.
3. Artists often cultivate their unique style over years of practice.
4. Successful leaders cultivate trust and inspire their followers.
5. Cultivating gratitude can lead to a more positive outlook on life.
6. Many people find it rewarding to cultivate their own organic vegetables.
7. The company works hard to cultivate a culture of innovation and creativity.
8. Parents play a crucial role in cultivating their children's values and beliefs.
9. Philanthropists dedicate their time and resources to cultivate social change.
10. Environmentalists advocate for sustainable practices to cultivate a greener future.
11. It takes time and effort to cultivate a talent or skill.
12. Writers must cultivate discipline and perseverance to complete their work.
13. Entrepreneurs often cultivate resilience to overcome challenges and setbacks.
14. The teacher is cultivating a love for learning in her students.

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