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How to pronounce dapper (audio)


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Dictionary definition of dapper

Neatly and stylishly dressed, often with meticulous attention to detail in their appearance.
"The old man was known for his dapper appearance and impeccable style."

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Detailed meaning of dapper

When someone is characterized as dapper, it implies a sense of elegance and sophistication in their clothing and grooming choices. Dapper individuals typically have a refined and polished look, combining classic and fashionable elements to create a sharp and put-together appearance. This term can apply to various contexts, such as a dapper gentleman in a tailored suit with a well-coordinated tie and accessories, a dapper woman in an impeccably styled outfit, or a dapper couple who exudes charm and refinement. "Dapper" underscores the idea of someone being exceptionally well-dressed and stylish, often evoking admiration and a sense of timeless elegance.

Example sentences containing dapper

1. He looked dapper in his crisp suit and perfectly knotted tie.
2. The groom appeared dapper in his tailored tuxedo on his wedding day.
3. Her dapper hat completed her vintage-inspired ensemble.
4. The stylish detective was always impeccably dressed and dapper.
5. The old Hollywood actor had a reputation for being dapper in every film.
6. The fashion icon's signature look was a dapper suit and pocket square.

History and etymology of dapper

The adjective 'dapper' has its origins in the Middle Dutch word 'dapper,' which meant 'bold' or 'brave.' Over time, it evolved to describe someone who is neatly and stylishly dressed, often with meticulous attention to detail in their appearance. 'Dapper' entered the English language in the 16th century and has retained its association with a well-groomed and fashionable appearance. The etymology of 'dapper' effectively conveys the idea of someone who not only presents themselves with confidence but also pays careful attention to their attire and grooming. Whether used to describe a dapper gentleman in a finely tailored suit or a dapper lady with impeccable fashion sense, this term emphasizes a sense of sharp, smart, and well put-together style.

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Further usage examples of dapper

1. The charming waiter at the restaurant was known for his dapper attire.
2. The jazz musician's dapper appearance matched his smooth melodies.
3. The classic car enthusiast drove a dapper vintage convertible.
4. The debonair gentleman tipped his hat and looked dapper as he strolled.
5. The well-dressed professor had a reputation for being a dapper dresser.
6. The magician's dapper attire added an air of mystery to his act.
7. The theatergoers dressed in their dapper best for the opening night.
8. The dapper couple stood out at the elegant gala in their coordinated outfits.
9. The 1920s-themed party encouraged guests to dress in dapper attire.
10. The dapper host welcomed guests to the upscale cocktail party.
11. The artist's self-portrait depicted him as a dapper man with a twinkle in his eye.
12. The dapper spy always wore a sharp suit during his undercover missions.
13. The charismatic singer had a penchant for wearing dapper vests on stage.
14. The dapper bartender crafted cocktails with flair and style.
15. The dapper businessman impressed clients with his sharp appearance.
16. The well-groomed dog sported a dapper bowtie for the pet show.
17. The actor's dapper costume added authenticity to his period film role.
18. The dapper captain of the yacht looked every bit the part of a sea adventurer.
19. The dapper artist painted himself in various dashing outfits throughout his career.



stylish, unkempt, shabby, sloppy


Beauty and Appearance, Fashion and Flamboyance, Clothing and Appearance

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