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down payment, withdrawal, retrieval, spending


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How to pronounce deposit (audio)


Dictionary definition of deposit

A sum of money or an item that is placed or entrusted into the care, possession, or custody of another person, organization, or financial institution.
"The hotel requested a deposit to confirm the reservation."

Detailed meaning of deposit

It typically involves transferring funds or valuable assets for safekeeping, storage, or future use. Deposits can take various forms, such as cash, checks, securities, or valuable belongings. They serve as a means of securing and preserving resources, providing individuals and institutions with a sense of security and access to financial services. Deposits made to banks or financial institutions may earn interest or be used as collateral for loans and other financial transactions. Additionally, deposits can also refer to the act of placing or putting something in a specific location or container, often with the intention of keeping it safe or storing it temporarily. Overall, deposits represent a tangible commitment or investment made by individuals or entities, with the expectation of safeguarding their assets or facilitating future financial activities.

Example sentences containing deposit

1. He made a large deposit into his savings account to start saving for a down payment.
2. The landlord required a security deposit before renting out the apartment.
3. The jewelry store asked for a deposit before they would custom-make the engagement ring.
4. She found a hidden deposit of valuable artifacts in the ancient ruins.
5. The tenant received a refund of their deposit after moving out of the rental property.
6. The bank allowed her to withdraw funds from her fixed-term deposit after it reached maturity.

History and etymology of deposit

The noun 'deposit' has its etymology rooted in Latin. It is derived from the Latin word 'depositum,' which is the past participle of 'deponere.' In Latin, 'de' means 'down from' or 'away,' and 'ponere' means 'to place' or 'to put.' Therefore, the etymology of 'deposit' conveys the idea of something being 'placed down' or entrusted into the care, possession, or custody of another person, organization, or financial institution. It accurately describes a sum of money or an item that is placed with someone or something for safekeeping or as a form of security. The word 'deposit' has maintained its connection to the concept of entrusting and placing something in the care of another, reflecting its Latin origins where 'depositum' signified something placed or entrusted for safekeeping.

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Further usage examples of deposit

1. The customer put down a deposit to reserve the limited-edition collector's item.
2. He lost his deposit after canceling the event at the last minute.
3. The construction company required a deposit from the client before starting the project.
4. The landlord inspected the property and deducted the cleaning costs from the tenant's deposit.
5. She made a deposit at the library to borrow a rare book from their archives.
6. She made a substantial deposit to secure her dream home.
7. The bank requires a minimum deposit to open an account.
8. I need to withdraw cash from my savings deposit.
9. He forgot to make a deposit into his retirement fund.
10. The landlord returned the rental deposit promptly.
11. My paycheck includes a direct deposit every month.
12. We'll need a hefty deposit for the rental car.
13. She placed a deposit on the antique vase at the auction.
14. The hotel requested a deposit for room reservations.
15. The deposit for the apartment was quite reasonable.
16. His bank statement shows a pending deposit.
17. Please make a deposit in the charity's account.
18. The security deposit covered the damages.
19. She received a substantial deposit for her artwork.
20. He transferred a significant deposit to his brokerage.
21. The shop asked for a deposit on the custom order.
22. The deposit box held the family's heirlooms.
23. A down payment is often called an initial deposit.
24. I'll need to deposit this check at the bank.
25. The deposit slip is required for the transaction.

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