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How to pronounce derelict (audio)

Dictionary definition of derelict

Having been abandoned, neglected, or left in a state of disrepair and decay due to a lack of maintenance or care.
"The playground was derelict and in need of repairs."

Detailed meaning of derelict

When something is characterized as derelict, it implies that it has been forsaken and has fallen into a state of neglect, often with visible signs of deterioration. This term can be applied to various contexts, such as derelict buildings, ships, or properties that have been left vacant and are deteriorating over time. Additionally, "derelict" can describe a person who has neglected their responsibilities or duties. "Derelict" underscores the idea of abandonment and neglect, often suggesting a sense of abandonment or disregard for the well-being and upkeep of the subject.

Example sentences containing derelict

1. The derelict building stood as a haunting reminder of the past.
2. Exploring the derelict factory felt like stepping into a forgotten world.
3. The derelict shipwreck was a testament to the power of nature's forces.
4. Among the derelict cars, a vintage gem awaited restoration.
5. The derelict playground echoed with the laughter of children long gone.
6. With each passing year, the mansion became more derelict and overgrown.

History and etymology of derelict

The adjective 'derelict' has its etymological roots in the Latin word 'derelictus,' which combines 'de-' (meaning 'completely') and 'relinquere' (meaning 'to abandon' or 'to forsake'). 'Derelict' is used to describe something that has been abandoned, neglected, or left in a state of disrepair and decay due to a lack of maintenance or care. The term embodies the concept of total abandonment and the gradual deterioration that follows. 'Derelict' reflects the idea that once-functional structures or objects have been forsaken, often highlighting the neglect and disregard for their preservation. It serves as a reminder of the importance of responsible stewardship and the consequences of neglecting what was once valuable or useful.

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Further usage examples of derelict

1. Despite its derelict appearance, the old library held priceless treasures.
2. Nature had begun to reclaim the derelict railway tracks.
3. The derelict theme park was now a canvas for urban artists.
4. The derelict warehouse sheltered a community of homeless individuals.
5. As the sun set, the derelict lighthouse flickered to life once more.
6. The derelict village whispered stories of its former inhabitants.
7. In the heart of the city, a derelict skyscraper stood as a symbol of neglect.
8. The derelict farmstead was a picturesque scene in its own eerie way.
9. The derelict mine entrance hid secrets from a bygone era.
10. Amidst the derelict landscape, a sense of desolation prevailed.
11. The derelict chapel held an air of solemnity despite its decay.
12. Urban explorers were drawn to the mystery of the derelict asylum.
13. The derelict bridge spanned a river that had long changed its course.
14. Among the derelict storefronts, one shop retained a glimmer of hope.



neglected, maintained, cared for, cherished


Deterioration and Decline, Decline and Decay, Alternative Lifestyles and Poverty

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