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How to pronounce desirous (audio)

Dictionary definition of desirous

Possesses a strong and earnest desire or longing for something.
"She was desirous of a promotion at work and worked tirelessly to achieve it."

Detailed meaning of desirous

When a person is characterized as desirous, it means they are actively seeking or yearning for a particular object, experience, outcome, or state of being. This term conveys a sense of eagerness and determination in pursuing their desires or goals. Desirous individuals are motivated by their wishes and aspirations, often demonstrating a keen sense of ambition and passion in their pursuit of what they covet. Whether it's a personal dream, a career objective, or an emotional connection, someone who is desirous is actively driven by their strong desires and is willing to put in effort and dedication to fulfill them.

Example sentences containing desirous

1. The young artist was desirous of fame and recognition for her talent.
2. Their desirous gazes met across the crowded room, sparking an instant connection.
3. He was desirous of a peaceful vacation, far away from the noise of the city.
4. The company's CEO was desirous of expanding into international markets.
5. She was desirous of finding true love and a partner for life.
6. The candidate was desirous of winning the election and serving the community.

History and etymology of desirous

The adjective 'desirous' has its etymological origins in the Middle English word 'desirous,' which was derived from the Old French term 'desiros,' ultimately rooted in the Latin 'desiderare.' In Latin, 'desiderare' meant 'to long for' or 'to wish for earnestly.' As 'desirous' developed in the English language, it retained the essence of expressing a strong and earnest desire or longing for something. The Latin origin emphasizes the depth and intensity of desire implied by the word 'desirous,' as it conveys the idea of longing or earnestly wishing for something that is deeply desired, making it a fitting term to describe one's strong and passionate yearning.

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Further usage examples of desirous

1. The chef was desirous of creating a unique and unforgettable dining experience.
2. The entrepreneur was desirous of launching a groundbreaking product in the market.
3. The detective was desirous of solving the mysterious case that had baffled everyone.
4. They were desirous of buying their dream home in the picturesque countryside.
5. The team was desirous of winning the championship and worked diligently to achieve it.
6. The explorer was desirous of discovering new lands and uncovering hidden treasures.
7. The author was desirous of writing a best-selling novel that would captivate readers.
8. The philanthropist was desirous of making a positive impact on society through charitable work.
9. The scientist was desirous of finding a cure for a rare and deadly disease.
10. She was desirous of a peaceful resolution to the conflict between the two nations.
11. The environmentalist was desirous of protecting endangered species and preserving ecosystems.
12. The couple was desirous of starting a family and raising children together.
13. The athlete was desirous of breaking records and achieving greatness in their sport.
14. The young couple were desirous of starting a family.



eager, indifferent, uninterested, apathetic


Aspiration and Ambition, Passion and Pulchritude, Wealth and Desire

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