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How to pronounce despite (audio)

Dictionary definition of despite

Indicating a contrast or contradiction between two ideas or situations.
"The company remained profitable despite the economic downturn."

Detailed meaning of despite

When we use "despite," we are highlighting the fact that one thing occurred or is true, even though another condition or circumstance might suggest otherwise. It introduces a sense of unexpectedness or contrast, emphasizing that there is a noteworthy difference between the two elements being compared. For example, you might say, "Despite the heavy rain, the outdoor concert went on as scheduled," indicating that the rain could have suggested a cancellation, but the concert proceeded regardless. "Despite" is a useful word for emphasizing resilience, determination, or the ability to overcome obstacles in the face of adverse conditions.

Example sentences containing despite

1. Despite the rain, they decided to go for a hike.
2. She managed to finish the project despite the tight deadline.
3. Despite his fear of heights, he went skydiving.
4. Despite her exhaustion, she kept pushing through the marathon.
5. Despite the warnings, he touched the hot stove and burned his hand.
6. The team won the game despite being down by two goals.

History and etymology of despite

The preposition 'despite' has its etymological origins in the Middle English word 'despit,' which was derived from the Old French term 'despit,' meaning 'contempt' or 'disdain.' 'Despite' is used to indicate a contrast or contradiction between two ideas or situations, where one element stands in opposition to the other. It embodies the concept of defiance or resistance in the face of something unfavorable or adverse. 'Despite' often signifies the persistence of one condition or action despite the presence of another, reflecting the idea that certain factors or circumstances may not deter or undermine a particular outcome or behavior. This preposition underscores the capacity for resilience and determination in navigating challenges and contradictions within language and life itself.

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Further usage examples of despite

1. Despite his lack of experience, he landed the job.
2. Despite the traffic, they arrived at the concert just in time.
3. She remained calm despite the chaotic situation around her.
4. Despite the economic challenges, the company grew steadily.
5. Despite their differences, they became close friends.
6. He smiled despite the bad news he had received.
7. Despite his age, he still enjoys playing video games.
8. She pursued her dreams despite the naysayers.
9. Despite the allergy, he couldn't resist eating the chocolate cake.
10. They maintained a strong relationship despite the long distance.
11. Despite the cold weather, they went swimming in the lake.
12. He managed to stay focused despite the loud noise in the background.
13. Despite the criticism, the artist stuck to his unique style.
14. She succeeded in the competition despite the fierce competition.



notwithstanding, because of, due to, thanks to


ACT 5 (American College Testing), Middle School 6, Adaptability and Resilience

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