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How to pronounce dimension (audio)

Dictionary definition of dimension

A measurable aspect or parameter that helps define the size, extent, or scope of an object, space, or concept.
"The new technology opened up a whole new dimension of possibilities."

Detailed meaning of dimension

It represents a particular direction, extent, or degree within a given system or context. In the realm of physics and mathematics, dimensions can refer to spatial measurements such as length, width, and height, but they can also extend to additional abstract or theoretical concepts. For instance, in metaphysics or philosophy, dimensions can encompass aspects of existence or reality beyond the physical realm, exploring the possibilities of alternate planes or states of being. In a broader sense, dimension can also describe the range or diversity of qualities or perspectives within a situation, idea, or problem. It implies a level of depth or complexity that contributes to a more comprehensive understanding or analysis of the subject matter at hand.

Example sentences containing dimension

1. The artist added depth and dimension to the painting with skillful use of shadows.
2. The problem had multiple dimensions, requiring a comprehensive approach for a solution.
3. The concept of time adds another dimension to our perception of reality.
4. The room's large windows brought in an abundance of natural light, creating a sense of spaciousness and dimension.
5. The scientist proposed a new theory that introduced an additional dimension to the field of astrophysics.
6. The sculpture displayed intricate details from every angle, showcasing its three-dimensional dimensions.

History and etymology of dimension

The noun 'dimension' has its roots in the Latin word 'dimensio,' which is derived from the verb 'dimetiri,' meaning 'to measure out' or 'to measure off.' In its etymology, 'dimension' encapsulates the notion of measuring and quantifying different aspects or parameters to define the size, extent, or scope of an object, space, or concept. This word highlights the fundamental role of measurement and quantification in understanding the various facets of our physical and conceptual world. The etymology of 'dimension' emphasizes the importance of precise measurement as a means of comprehending the multifaceted nature of our surroundings and ideas.

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Further usage examples of dimension

1. The conversation delved into the ethical dimensions of artificial intelligence and its impact on society.
2. The architect carefully considered the dimensions of the building to ensure optimal functionality and aesthetics.
3. The map represented the geographical dimensions of the region, including mountains, rivers, and cities.
4. The project required a thorough understanding of the financial dimensions and implications.
5. The novel explored the emotional dimensions of loss and redemption.
6. The researcher analyzed the data from multiple dimensions to identify patterns and correlations.
7. The dance performance was a spectacle of movement and dimensions, captivating the audience.
8. The fashion designer created garments that played with proportions and exaggerated dimensions.
9. The technology advancements opened up new dimensions of possibilities in the field of communication.
10. The philosophical debate delved into the metaphysical dimensions of existence and consciousness.
11. The virtual reality experience immersed the user in a world of vivid dimensions and lifelike simulations.
12. The historical event had profound dimensions, shaping the course of civilization.
13. The puzzle had multiple dimensions, requiring critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
14. The painting evoked a sense of mystery and intrigue through its layers of colors and dimensions.



measure, insignificance, triviality, unimportance


Suffix -sion, ACT 5 (American College Testing), High School 13, Science and Technology

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