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How to pronounce diseased (audio)

Dictionary definition of diseased

Affected by a disease or exhibiting symptoms of an illness or disorder.
"The diseased tree had withered branches and showed signs of fungal infection."

Detailed meaning of diseased

It describes a state of being unhealthy or afflicted by a specific medical condition. When something is described as diseased, it implies a deviation from a normal, healthy state, often characterized by physical or physiological abnormalities. 'Diseased' can pertain to living organisms, such as humans, animals, or plants, as well as to specific body parts, tissues, or systems. It can also describe inanimate objects or concepts that have been negatively affected or corrupted. 'Diseased' emphasizes the presence of an underlying pathological condition, implying the need for medical attention or intervention to restore health and well-being.

Example sentences containing diseased

1. The diseased tree had withered branches and discolored leaves.
2. She cared for her elderly, diseased cat with compassion.
3. The doctor examined the patient's diseased lungs with concern.
4. The farm had to cull the diseased chickens to prevent an outbreak.
5. His diseased skin required specialized treatment.
6. The contaminated water source led to many diseased villagers.

History and etymology of diseased

The adjective 'diseased' is formed by adding the suffix '-ed' to the noun 'disease.' The term 'disease' has its roots in Middle English and Old French, where it was spelled as 'desaise' and 'desaise,' respectively. These words, in turn, can be traced back to the Latin 'dis-' (meaning 'apart' or 'away') and 'aestus' (meaning 'heat' or 'fever'). In its etymology, 'diseased' conveys the idea of being affected by a disease or exhibiting symptoms of an illness or disorder. It emphasizes the state of being apart from ease or health, indicating a condition of discomfort or malady. The etymology of 'diseased' underscores the historical connection between the concept of disease and a state of physical or mental discomfort, highlighting the presence of illness or disorder.

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Further usage examples of diseased

1. The fruit had a foul odor, indicating it was diseased.
2. The city initiated a campaign to control diseased rodents.
3. The garden's diseased plants needed to be removed.
4. The wildlife rescue center cared for many diseased animals.
5. The nurse provided comfort to the terminally diseased patient.
6. The veterinarian diagnosed the dog with a rare, diseased condition.
7. The scientist studied the genetics of the diseased population.
8. The lab tested the soil for signs of diseased microorganisms.
9. The charity organization helped families affected by the diseased.
10. The farmer isolated the diseased cows to prevent spreading.
11. The forest was home to many diseased trees, a concern for ecologists.
12. The doctor prescribed antibiotics to treat the diseased wound.
13. The diseased coral reefs were a tragic sight for divers.
14. The researcher's work focused on finding a cure for the diseased.
15. The doctor diagnosed the patient with a rare and highly contagious diseased condition.
16. The lab test confirmed the presence of diseased cells in the patient's body.
17. The farmer had to cull the diseased livestock to prevent the spread of the illness.
18. The diseased leaves on the plant indicated a pest infestation.
19. The scientist studied the effects of the diseased gene on the lab mice.
20. The city implemented measures to control the spread of the diseased mosquitoes.
21. The abandoned house was infested with rats and had a diseased environment.
22. The zookeepers isolated the diseased animals to protect the rest of the population.
23. The patient was quarantined due to their diseased state to prevent transmission.
24. The diseased coral reefs were a devastating consequence of environmental degradation.
25. The veterinarian recommended euthanizing the diseased cat to end its suffering.



sick, healthy, well, fit


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