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How to pronounce dispersed (audio)

Dictionary definition of dispersed

Having been scattered or spread out over a wide area or in different directions.
"The scattered leaves were dispersed across the lawn by the strong gusts of wind."

Detailed meaning of dispersed

It implies a state of being not concentrated or gathered in one specific location. This term can also be applied metaphorically to describe the distribution or arrangement of objects, individuals, or ideas. For example, in a dispersed community, people may live far apart from each other, while in a dispersed organization, teams or departments may be spread across multiple locations. The concept of dispersion often implies a lack of centralization or clustering, indicating a more scattered or decentralized nature.

Example sentences containing dispersed

1. The art gallery showcased a dispersed collection of paintings from various artists.
2. The protesters dispersed after the peaceful demonstration came to an end.
3. The company's workforce is dispersed across multiple offices in different cities.
4. The information was dispersed among different departments, making it difficult to find.
5. The sunlight filtered through the dispersed clouds, creating a beautiful display of colors.
6. The scattered rain showers dispersed as the storm passed over the region.

History and etymology of dispersed

The adjective 'dispersed' can be traced back to its Latin root 'dispersus,' which is the past participle of the verb 'dispergere.' 'Dispergere' is formed from two Latin elements: 'dis-' meaning 'apart' or 'in different directions,' and 'spargere' meaning 'to scatter' or 'to spread.' Therefore, 'disperse' originally meant 'to scatter or spread in different directions.' The word retained this fundamental meaning as it evolved into the adjective 'dispersed,' which describes something that has been scattered or spread out over a wide area or in various directions. The etymology of 'dispersed' captures the essence of its current usage, emphasizing the idea of things being separated and distributed widely, whether it's objects, people, or elements that have been scattered or spread out.

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Further usage examples of dispersed

1. The seeds of the dandelion were dispersed by the breeze, spreading across the meadow.
2. The students in the classroom were dispersed in small groups for a collaborative project.
3. The dispersed population of the remote village made it challenging to provide essential services.
4. The aroma of the spices dispersed throughout the kitchen, tantalizing our senses.
5. The scattered remnants of the ancient civilization were dispersed across various archaeological sites.
6. The autumn leaves, vibrant and dispersed, covered the forest floor.
7. Raindrops fell in a dispersed pattern, creating a soothing melody.
8. Stars in the night sky were scattered and dispersed like diamonds.
9. The crowd dispersed after the thrilling concert ended.
10. Seeds were dispersed by the wind, ensuring new growth.
11. The city's lights were dispersed across the dark horizon.
12. An array of colors dispersed across the artist's canvas.
13. Smoke from the fire dispersed, revealing the charred remains.
14. The news quickly dispersed, sparking conversations everywhere.
15. Pollen was dispersed by bees, aiding in pollination.
16. The scattered books created a dispersed mess on the floor.
17. A sense of calm and tranquility dispersed through the room.
18. Birds dispersed from the tree, filling the sky with wings.
19. Confetti was dispersed into the air during the celebration.
20. Snowflakes fell gently, dispersed in the wintry breeze.
21. The aroma of freshly baked bread dispersed through the bakery.
22. Memories of childhood adventures dispersed in her mind.
23. A feeling of unity and purpose dispersed among the team.
24. The desert sands were dispersed by the relentless wind.
25. The news of their victory dispersed joy throughout the town.



scattered, gathered, concentrated, collected


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