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How to pronounce domain (audio)

Dictionary definition of domain

A distinct and definable area, realm, or scope that is characterized by its own set of attributes, boundaries, or subject matter.
"The internet has become a vast domain of information and communication."

Detailed meaning of domain

In general, a domain is a distinct and defined sphere that is marked by certain boundaries or rules. For example, a domain can refer to a particular branch of science, such as the domain of physics or biology. It can also refer to a specific geographical area or region, such as the domain of a particular country or city. In the context of the internet, a domain refers to a unique name that identifies a website or online entity. In this case, the domain name is used to access the website and is registered and controlled by the owner of the website. Overall, the noun 'domain' is used to describe a specific area of knowledge, authority, or ownership that is distinct and clearly defined.

Example sentences containing domain

1. The legal domain deals with matters of justice and the law.
2. Her expertise lies in the domain of computer programming.
3. The company's success in the business domain is unparalleled.
4. He is considered a pioneer in the domain of artificial intelligence.
5. The medical domain encompasses a wide range of specialties.
6. The marketing domain is constantly evolving with new strategies.

History and etymology of domain

The noun 'domain' has its roots in Middle English, drawing from the Old French word 'domaine' and the Latin word 'dominium.' In both languages, it referred to ownership or control of property. Over time, its meaning expanded to include the concept of a distinct and definable area, realm, or scope that is characterized by its own set of attributes, boundaries, or subject matter. In modern usage, 'domain' can refer to a wide range of areas or fields, such as a particular area of knowledge, expertise, or activity. It denotes a territory, whether physical or conceptual, that is under the influence, authority, or control of a particular entity, individual, or system. The term 'domain' underscores the idea of ownership and jurisdiction over a specific sphere, be it in the physical world or within the realms of knowledge and influence.

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Further usage examples of domain

1. She carved out her own domain in the world of fashion design.
2. The political domain can be both complex and unpredictable.
3. The educational domain is vital for the development of society.
4. The scientific domain is driven by curiosity and innovation.
5. The artistic domain allows for boundless creativity and expression.
6. The culinary domain is a rich tapestry of flavors and techniques.
7. The historical domain often reveals fascinating insights into the past.
8. The architectural domain includes a variety of styles and structures.
9. The environmental domain focuses on preserving our planet's resources.
10. The technological domain advances rapidly with each passing year.
11. The financial domain plays a critical role in the global economy.
12. The literary domain has produced countless masterpieces of literature.
13. The musical domain encompasses a wide range of genres and instruments.
14. The philosophical domain explores questions about existence and ethics.
15. The social domain addresses issues of human interaction and relationships.
16. The geographical domain includes the study of Earth's landscapes.
17. The cultural domain celebrates diversity and the richness of human traditions.



realm, periphery, margin, outside


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