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How to pronounce drawl (audio)

Dictionary definition of drawl

A way of speaking characterized by a slow, prolonged, and exaggerated pronunciation of vowels.
"His southern drawl was noticeable in his speech."

Detailed meaning of drawl

It is often associated with a laid-back or relaxed manner of speaking. Drawl can also refer to a specific accent or dialect found in the southern states, which can include unique vocabulary and grammar patterns. The term "drawl" is often used to describe a stereotypical southern accent, but it can also be used to describe a slower, more relaxed speech pattern found in other regions as well.

Example sentences containing drawl

1. Her Southern drawl was charming and instantly caught my attention.
2. The drawl in his voice hinted at his Texan roots.
3. Despite his best efforts, he couldn't shake off his slow drawl.
4. The drawl of the jazz singer captivated the audience.
5. The drawl in her speech reflected her laid-back demeanor.
6. His drawl made it difficult to understand his words.

History and etymology of drawl

The noun 'drawl' has its origins in Middle English and likely evolved from the Old English word 'dræge,' which means 'to drag' or 'to pull slowly.' Over time, it took on the meaning of speaking slowly and with a prolonged pronunciation of vowels. The term 'drawl' aptly captures this manner of speech, where words seem to be pulled or stretched out. Its etymology reflects the essence of speaking in a slow, deliberate, and exaggerated way, often associated with certain regional accents or relaxed conversational styles.

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Further usage examples of drawl

1. I could listen to his smooth drawl all day long.
2. The drawl in his accent revealed his country upbringing.
3. The drawl of the old man added an air of nostalgia to his stories.
4. Her drawl was so distinct that it became a signature trait.
5. The drawl of the preacher's sermon resonated with the congregation.
6. He spoke with a slight drawl that gave him a unique charm.
7. The drawl of the cowboy echoed through the empty saloon.
8. Her drawl added a touch of warmth to her singing voice.
9. I could hear the drawl of the locals as I walked down the street.
10. The drawl of the actor added authenticity to his portrayal of a Southern character.
11. The drawl in his voice carried a hint of weariness.
12. The drawl of the auctioneer filled the room as bids were placed.
13. His drawl made his jokes even funnier.
14. The drawl of the radio host was instantly recognizable to his listeners.
15. His drawl made it hard to understand him at times.
16. She spoke with a slow drawl that made her sound relaxed.
17. She had a unique drawl that made her stand out.
18. His drawl was more pronounced when he was tired.
19. She spoke with a drawl that made her sound like she was from the country.
20. His drawl made it clear that he was from the deep South.
21. She spoke with a drawl that made her sound like a Texan.
22. His drawl was a characteristic of his speech pattern.
23. His tone was soft and his speech was touched by a Southern drawl.
24. She had a drawl that made her sound like a local from the South.
25. His drawl was a result of living in the rural area for many years.
26. She had a drawl that gave her speech a unique quality.



elongate, articulate, enunciate, clip


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