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salivate, swallow, contain, repress


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How to pronounce drool (audio)


Dictionary definition of drool

To allow saliva to flow or drip uncontrollably from one's mouth.
"The dog would drool uncontrollably while waiting for its meal."

Detailed meaning of drool

It often occurs involuntarily as a natural bodily response to various stimuli, such as the anticipation of food, the presence of a pleasant taste, or heightened emotional states. Drooling commonly happens during sleep, particularly in the dream state. However, it can also be triggered by certain medical conditions or as a result of impaired control over salivary glands. In infants, drooling is a normal part of their development as they learn to control their oral muscles. Furthermore, the term "drool" can be used metaphorically to describe excessive enthusiasm or admiration for something, typically expressed through uncontrolled excitement or excessive praise. In this sense, it implies a figurative overflow of emotions or fascination towards a person, object, or idea.

Example sentences containing drool

1. The baby started to drool when she saw the spoonful of mashed banana.
2. The delicious aroma of freshly baked cookies made everyone drool.
3. She couldn't help but drool over the latest fashion collection in the store.
4. The sight of the juicy steak made his mouth water and drool.
5. The toddler's bib was soaked with drool as he eagerly awaited his meal.
6. The puppy would drool all over the floor whenever it spotted a treat.

History and etymology of drool

The verb 'drool' has an etymology closely connected to the physical act it describes. It is believed to be an onomatopoeic word, meaning that the sound of the word imitates the sound of the action it represents. In this case, 'drool' imitates the sound of saliva flowing or dripping from one's mouth. While it may not have a complex etymological history like some other words, 'drool' effectively conveys the idea of allowing saliva to flow or drip uncontrollably from one's mouth, typically as a physiological response to various stimuli such as food, anticipation, or sleep. This straightforward and descriptive etymology aligns with the simple, direct nature of the word 'drool.'

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Further usage examples of drool

1. He couldn't hide his excitement and began to drool over the new sports car.
2. The thought of a tropical vacation made her drool with anticipation.
3. The chocolate cake was so tempting that it made her drool involuntarily.
4. The sight of the ice cream sundae caused her to drool in anticipation of the first bite.
5. The dental assistant handed the patient a tissue to wipe away the drool.
6. The horror movie was so intense that it made some audience members drool nervously.
7. The smell of freshly brewed coffee made him drool even though he had already had his morning cup.
8. The adorable puppy made everyone in the room drool with delight.
9. He would often drool over the gourmet food photos posted on social media.
10. The spicy hot wings were so flavorful that they made him drool with pleasure.
11. The baby's teething caused excessive drooling, requiring constant bib changes.
12. The mere mention of the word "chocolate" would make her drool instantly.
13. The chef's expert plating skills made the dish look so enticing that it caused diners to drool in anticipation.
14. The baby would often drool when teething.
15. The delicious aroma made him drool with anticipation.
16. He couldn't help but drool over the mouthwatering dessert.
17. The sight of his favorite food made him drool.
18. The dentist's chair made her nervous, causing her to drool a little.
19. The dog would eagerly drool while waiting for a treat.
20. During sleep, some people tend to drool unknowingly.
21. The hilarious joke made the entire audience drool with laughter.
22. The mouthguard prevented him from drooling during the night.
23. The spicy salsa caused him to drool profusely.
24. She tried to hide her embarrassment when she accidentally started to drool.

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