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How to pronounce drudgery (audio)

Dictionary definition of drudgery

The monotonous, repetitive, and often tiresome work or tasks that are dull and uninspiring in nature.
"He worked tirelessly to escape the drudgery of his ordinary life."

Detailed meaning of drudgery

It typically involves routine chores, laborious duties, or uninteresting responsibilities that require significant effort but offer little intellectual or creative stimulation. Drudgery can be mentally and physically exhausting, as it often lacks the sense of accomplishment or satisfaction that comes with more engaging or meaningful activities. This term is often used to describe the tedious aspects of a job or daily life, highlighting the wearisome and unrewarding nature of the tasks involved. People may experience drudgery in various aspects of their lives, from household chores to certain job responsibilities, and it can lead to feelings of boredom and fatigue.

Example sentences containing drudgery

1. She had been working in the factory for years, and the drudgery of the job was taking a toll on her mental health.
2. He hated his desk job, feeling like he was trapped in a cycle of endless drudgery.
3. The housework felt like drudgery, and she longed for a break from the monotony.
4. The drudgery of farm work was made bearable by the sense of accomplishment at the end of the day.
5. The drudgery of daily commute was relieved by listening to audiobooks on the train.
6. Despite the drudgery of the job, she was grateful to have steady work.

History and etymology of drudgery

The noun 'drudgery' has its etymological roots in Middle English. It is derived from the Middle English word 'druggen,' which means 'to labor' or 'to toil.' This Middle English term can be traced back further to the Old English word 'dreogan,' which also means 'to labor' or 'to endure.' Over time, 'drudgery' emerged in English to describe monotonous, repetitive, and often tiresome work or tasks that are dull and uninspiring in nature. Its etymology reflects the idea of enduring or toiling through such laborious and unexciting activities, capturing the wearisome and unvaried nature of the tasks that fall under the label of 'drudgery.'

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Further usage examples of drudgery

1. He dreamed of escaping the drudgery of his 9-to-5 job and traveling the world.
2. The drudgery of the assembly line was relieved by the camaraderie of the workers.
3. The drudgery of household chores was made easier with the help of modern appliances.
4. She was exhausted by the drudgery of her job and the long hours she worked.
5. The drudgery of manual labor was relieved by the beautiful scenery in the countryside.
6. He had always imagined that retirement would be a time to escape the drudgery of work, but he found himself busier than ever.
7. Office drudgery often saps enthusiasm and stifles creativity.
8. Hobbies provide an escape from the monotony of daily drudgery.
9. The routine became an unending cycle of mind-numbing drudgery.
10. Creative pursuits can break up the monotony of work drudgery.
11. Seeking meaning beyond the mundane drudgery of everyday life.
12. Repetitive tasks can transform into tiresome drudgery over time.
13. Automation has alleviated some of the manual drudgery in the workplace.
14. Passion projects offer a welcome respite from the grind of work drudgery.
15. Finding joy amid the tedium of routine drudgery is a precious skill.
16. The commute only added to the drudgery of his already monotonous job.
17. The daily commute compounded the drudgery of his work routine.
18. Seeking fulfillment beyond the drudgery of a 9-to-5 job.
19. She tackled the drudgery of paperwork with determination.
20. Engaging tasks can transform drudgery into a sense of accomplishment.
21. The art of discovering beauty amidst the drudgery of daily life.
22. Creative outlets offer an escape from the monotony of work drudgery.
23. Office drudgery can stifle creativity and sap motivation.
24. Hobbies become an oasis of enjoyment amid the tedium of drudgery.
25. Repetitive tasks can turn into mind-numbing drudgery over time.
26. Finding meaning and purpose amidst the daily drudgery of existence.



toil, pleasure, enjoyment, leisure


Suffix -ery, Obstacles and Hardships, Demanding and Challenging, Adversity and Obstacle, Hardship and Suffering

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