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How to pronounce dubious (audio)

Dictionary definition of dubious

Uncertain or questionable in nature, often giving rise to suspicion, doubt, or hesitation.
"The accuracy of the information provided was met with dubious skepticism."

Detailed meaning of dubious

Something that is dubious may not be fully trustworthy, reliable, or credible, and as a result, may elicit skepticism or distrust. For example, a dubious claim is one that lacks evidence or seems implausible, while a dubious character is someone who inspires mistrust or doubt. The term "dubious" can also refer to something that is uncertain or ambiguous, lacking clear definition or resolution. In these cases, the term implies a lack of confidence or certainty about the outcome or result. Overall, the adjective "dubious" is used to describe something that is uncertain, questionable, or unreliable, often raising concerns or doubts about its accuracy or validity.

Example sentences containing dubious

1. The statement was met with dubious looks from the audience.
2. The company's financial reports were met with dubious reactions from investors.
3. The quality of the product was met with dubious reviews.
4. The explanation for the delay was met with dubious acceptance.
5. The politician's promises were met with dubious optimism.
6. The idea was met with dubious reception by the board.

History and etymology of dubious

The adjective 'dubious' has its origins in the Latin word 'dubius,' which means 'doubtful' or 'uncertain.' This Latin term itself can be traced back to the word 'duo,' meaning 'two,' implying a state of being caught between two options or choices, unable to make a clear decision. As 'dubious' made its way into English, it retained its fundamental sense of uncertainty and doubt. When something is described as dubious, it is often of a nature that raises suspicion, hesitation, or skepticism due to its questionable or uncertain qualities. The etymology of 'dubious' underscores its historical connection to the concept of doubt and uncertainty, highlighting its role in expressing skepticism or suspicion about a particular subject or situation.

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Further usage examples of dubious

1. The source of the information was met with dubious credibility.
2. The witness's testimony was met with dubious credibility by the jury.
3. The safety of the new drug was met with dubious approval by the FDA.
4. The scientist's theory was met with dubious reception by the academic community.
5. The effectiveness of the new treatment was met with dubious results in the clinical trial.
6. His dubious explanation raised suspicions among the investigators.
7. The product's dubious claims made consumers hesitant to buy it.
8. She cast a dubious glance at the unverified news article.
9. The deal seemed dubious, prompting a thorough legal review.
10. The source of funding for the project appeared dubious.
11. Their actions in the case were seen as dubious by many.
12. The project's timeline raised dubious expectations of success.
13. He had a dubious reputation for making empty promises.
14. The plan's feasibility was met with a chorus of dubious voices.
15. The evidence presented in court was deemed dubious by the defense.
16. His sudden change of heart seemed dubious to those who knew him.
17. The company's financial statements looked dubious upon closer examination.
18. The decision to proceed with the project was met with dubious support.
19. The politician's motives behind the bill were seen as dubious.
20. His credentials for the job were viewed as dubious by the hiring committee.
21. The candidate's campaign promises sounded dubious to some voters.
22. The origins of the mysterious artifact were shrouded in dubious stories.
23. The timing of the announcement raised dubious questions.
24. The quality of the product left many customers feeling dubious.
25. Their friendship was strained by a dubious incident from the past.



doubtful, certain, confident, sure


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