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How to pronounce ecstatic (audio)

Dictionary definition of ecstatic

Extreme joy, delight, or overwhelming happiness.
"She was ecstatic to hear that her favorite band was coming to town."

Detailed meaning of ecstatic

When someone is ecstatic, they experience an intense and euphoric emotion that often surpasses ordinary feelings of happiness. It is a state of complete elation and bliss, characterized by a sense of exuberance and excitement. Being ecstatic is akin to being filled with an overwhelming and almost ecstatic energy that can manifest in various ways, such as enthusiastic gestures, wide smiles, or even tears of joy. It is a state of emotional ecstasy that can be triggered by a significant achievement, a moment of great surprise, or an experience of profound beauty. When someone is ecstatic, they are fully immersed in a moment of pure and unbridled happiness, radiating an infectious and contagious joy to those around them.

Example sentences containing ecstatic

1. She was ecstatic when she received the job offer of her dreams.
2. The children were ecstatic when they found out they were going to Disneyland.
3. He was ecstatic after winning the championship game.
4. The audience erupted into ecstatic applause at the end of the breathtaking performance.
5. He had an ecstatic reaction when he opened the gift and found his dream car inside.
6. The team's ecstatic celebration filled the stadium with an atmosphere of pure joy.

History and etymology of ecstatic

The adjective 'ecstatic' has its etymological origins in the Greek language. It is derived from the Greek word 'ekstatikos,' which is formed from 'ekstasis,' meaning 'a state of being outside oneself' or 'a state of trance.' 'Ekstasis' is composed of 'ek,' signifying 'out,' and 'stasis,' meaning 'a standing' or 'a state.' Therefore, the etymology of 'ecstatic' conveys the idea of a state where one is so overwhelmed by extreme joy, delight, or happiness that they feel as if they are temporarily transported outside of themselves. This word captures the profound and transcendent nature of intense emotional experiences, reflecting the feeling of being so elated that one momentarily feels detached from their usual state of being.

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Further usage examples of ecstatic

1. She was ecstatic about the news of her sister's engagement.
2. He was ecstatic when he discovered that he had won a trip to a tropical paradise.
3. The ecstatic couple danced and twirled under the starry night sky on their wedding day.
4. The crowd went ecstatic as their favorite sports team scored the winning goal.
5. The students were ecstatic when they found out that the field trip was to an amusement park.
6. She was absolutely ecstatic when she saw her artwork displayed in a prestigious gallery.
7. He was ecstatic to receive the acceptance letter from his dream university.
8. Their dog wagged its tail ecstatically upon their return after a long absence.
9. She was ecstatic upon receiving the job offer.
10. Their ecstatic cheers filled the stadium after the winning goal.
11. We were ecstatic about the unexpected surprise party.
12. The ecstatic couple announced their engagement with joy.
13. His ecstatic laughter echoed through the room.
14. She was ecstatic to reunite with her childhood friend.
15. The news of her promotion left her ecstatic.
16. The children were ecstatic to open their presents on Christmas.
17. The ecstatic crowd danced to the lively music.
18. The ecstatic smiles on their faces brightened the day.
19. He was ecstatic to finally achieve his lifelong dream.
20. The audience was ecstatic during the breathtaking performance.
21. The ecstatic fans celebrated their team's championship victory.
22. Her ecstatic reaction to the news was priceless.
23. We were ecstatic to witness the stunning sunset.
24. The ecstatic atmosphere at the party was contagious.
25. He was ecstatic to be recognized for his hard work.
26. Their ecstatic applause showed appreciation for the artist.
27. She was ecstatic after completing her first marathon.
28. The ecstatic puppy wagged its tail with excitement.



overjoyed, miserable, unhappy, despondent


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