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How to pronounce edifice (audio)


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Dictionary definition of edifice

A large, impressive building, such as a grand public building or an elaborate structure.
"The Eiffel Tower is one of the most iconic edifices in the world."

Detailed meaning of edifice

It is often used to describe a building that is notable for its size, complexity, or ornate architecture. Examples of edifices include cathedrals, government buildings, skyscrapers, and palaces. The term can also be used more broadly to refer to any complex or impressive system or structure, such as a legal or political system. Overall, the word "edifice" connotes a sense of grandeur, complexity, and importance, often associated with significant institutions or historical eras.

Example sentences containing edifice

1. The towering edifice of the cathedral dominated the city's skyline.
2. The government building was an impressive edifice with columns and marble facades.
3. The ancient ruins revealed the remnants of a once-great edifice.
4. The corporate headquarters was a modern glass-and-steel edifice with innovative design.
5. The dilapidated edifice held secrets of a bygone era, waiting to be uncovered.
6. The historical preservation society worked to restore the crumbling edifice to its former glory.

History and etymology of edifice

The noun 'edifice' comes from the Latin word 'aedificium,' which is derived from 'aedificare,' meaning 'to build.' It entered Middle English as 'edifice' and has retained its fundamental meaning as a large, impressive building, such as a grand public building or an elaborate structure. The etymology of 'edifice' aptly reflects its origin in the act of construction and emphasizes the sense of grandeur and permanence associated with imposing architectural creations. Whether it is a towering cathedral, a majestic government building, or an intricately designed palace, 'edifice' conveys the idea of a significant and often awe-inspiring construction that stands as a testament to human architectural achievement and ambition.

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Further usage examples of edifice

1. The library was a magnificent edifice of knowledge, welcoming readers from all walks of life.
2. The abandoned factory was a haunting edifice of industrial decline.
3. The theater's grand edifice set the stage for a night of cultural entertainment.
4. The community center served as a vital edifice for social gatherings and events.
5. The art museum's classical edifice housed a vast collection of masterpieces.
6. The towering edifice of the corporate headquarters symbolized the company's influence.
7. The school's new sports facility was a state-of-the-art edifice equipped with modern amenities.
8. The historical edifice had weathered centuries of change, preserving its timeless beauty.
9. The architect's innovative design transformed a historic edifice into a functional space.
10. The palace's opulent edifice was a testament to the wealth and power of the monarchy.
11. The edifice of the old theater was a blend of art deco and neoclassical influences.
12. The financial district was characterized by its towering edifices of glass and steel.
13. The local landmark was an iconic edifice that held deep cultural significance.
14. The university's administrative building was a grand edifice that housed various departments.



building, ruin, shack, hovel


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