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How to pronounce effluvium (audio)

Dictionary definition of effluvium

A noxious or unpleasant odor or vapor that is emitted from a substance or place.
"The rotting garbage produced a strong effluvium that attracted pests and rodents."

Detailed meaning of effluvium

It can also be used to describe the discharge or outflow of a liquid or gas from a particular source, such as a sewage system or industrial plant. Effluvium can be caused by a variety of factors, including pollution, rotting organic matter, and chemical emissions. The word is often used in the context of environmental or public health concerns, as the presence of effluvium can indicate the release of harmful substances into the air or water. Effluvium can have a significant impact on the quality of life for those who are exposed to it, and efforts are often made to control or eliminate its source.

Example sentences containing effluvium

1. The foul effluvium emanating from the sewer made the entire neighborhood unbearable.
2. The doctor diagnosed the patient with telogen effluvium, a temporary hair loss condition.
3. The laboratory had strict protocols in place to prevent the release of harmful effluvia into the environment.
4. The stagnant water in the pond emitted a noxious effluvium, indicating poor water quality.
5. The old building had a distinct musty effluvium that lingered in the air.
6. The factory's effluvium violated environmental regulations, leading to fines and penalties.

History and etymology of effluvium

The noun 'effluvium' derives its etymology from the Latin word 'effluvium,' which is a combination of 'ex,' meaning 'out of,' and 'fluvium,' meaning 'a flow' or 'stream.' Consequently, the etymology of 'effluvium' can be understood as something that flows out or emanates from a source. This historical root aligns with the concept of 'effluvium,' which refers to noxious or unpleasant odors or vapors that are emitted from a substance or place, emphasizing the idea of these undesirable emanations flowing out and dispersing into the surrounding environment.

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Further usage examples of effluvium

1. The foul effluvium from the landfill permeated the air for miles around.
2. The veterinarian recognized the putrid effluvium as a sign of infection in the animal's wound.
3. The researcher conducted tests to analyze the chemical composition of the effluvium emitted by the industrial process.
4. The foul effluvium from the chemical spill prompted an immediate evacuation of the area.
5. The residents complained about the noxious effluvium coming from the nearby factory, affecting their quality of life.
6. The sewer system had to be repaired to prevent the release of effluvia into the surrounding water sources.
7. The strong effluvium of the cleaning products caused some people to experience allergic reactions.
8. The environmental agency conducted regular inspections to monitor and control the release of effluvium from industrial sites.
9. The chemical plant's effluvium was a cause for concern.
10. The effluvium from the landfill permeated the air for miles.
11. A putrid effluvium hung in the stagnant, murky water.
12. They wore masks to protect themselves from the chemical effluvium.
13. The kitchen was filled with the delicious effluvium of baking bread.
14. The effluvium of burnt rubber lingered after the accident.
15. The swamp emitted an eerie, swampy effluvium at night.
16. The effluvium of rotting leaves signaled the arrival of autumn.
17. The sewer's effluvium made the street unbearable.
18. A sweet effluvium of flowers wafted through the garden.
19. The laboratory was filled with the metallic effluvium of chemicals.
20. The effluvium from the factory was causing health problems.
21. The effluvium of sulfur hung heavily around the volcano.
22. The city's effluvium was a constant environmental concern.
23. They masked the effluvium of the fish market with air fresheners.
24. The effluvium from the oil spill tainted the shoreline.



stench, fragrance, aroma, perfume


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