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How to pronounce egocentric (audio)

Dictionary definition of egocentric

Tending to prioritize one's own interests, needs, and desires above those of others.
"His egocentric behavior made it difficult for him to form meaningful relationships."

Detailed meaning of egocentric

It refers to a self-centered or self-focused perspective, where one perceives the world primarily through the lens of their own experiences and concerns. An egocentric person often displays a lack of empathy or consideration for the feelings and perspectives of others, as their own desires and goals take precedence. This trait can manifest as selfishness, a lack of awareness of the needs of others, and an excessive preoccupation with oneself. Egocentric individuals may struggle to understand or appreciate the viewpoints and emotions of others, as their focus remains centered on their own personal desires and concerns.

Example sentences containing egocentric

1. The egocentric politician only cared about advancing his own career.
2. She had an egocentric outlook on life, always putting her own needs above others'.
3. The egocentric boss never acknowledged the hard work of his employees.
4. His egocentric nature prevented him from considering alternative viewpoints.
5. She had an egocentric attitude, always expecting others to cater to her every whim.
6. The egocentric celebrity showed little concern for the struggles of others.

History and etymology of egocentric

The adjective 'egocentric' finds its origins in two distinct components. The first part, 'ego,' traces its roots to Latin, where it means 'I' or 'self.' This term was used in psychology to describe the conscious self, and it was popularized by Sigmund Freud. The second component, 'centric,' is derived from the Greek word 'kentron,' which means 'center.' When combined, 'egocentric' literally means 'self-centered.' It emerged in the early 20th century to describe individuals who tend to prioritize their own interests, needs, and desires above those of others. This term is often used to characterize a personality trait or behavior where someone is excessively focused on themselves, sometimes to the detriment of their relationships and interactions with others.

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Further usage examples of egocentric

1. He was known for his egocentric tendencies, rarely showing genuine interest in others' lives.
2. The egocentric child refused to share his toys with the other kids.
3. Her egocentric behavior alienated her from her friends and family.
4. The egocentric artist believed his work was superior to anyone else's.
5. Their egocentric actions demonstrated a lack of empathy and consideration for others.
6. His egocentric behavior strained his relationships.
7. The egocentric CEO rarely listened to employee feedback.
8. Her egocentric attitude made collaboration difficult.
9. He displayed an egocentric disregard for others' feelings.
10. The egocentric politician only cared about winning votes.
11. An egocentric approach often leads to loneliness.
12. The egocentric artist only painted self-portraits.
13. The child's egocentric behavior gradually improved.
14. His egocentric worldview hindered empathy.
15. The egocentric leader rarely sought input from the team.
16. An egocentric perspective can hinder personal growth.
17. Her egocentric decisions alienated her friends.
18. The egocentric athlete focused solely on personal glory.
19. An egocentric mindset can strain family bonds.
20. His egocentric comments offended those around him.
21. The egocentric attitude undermined team cohesion.
22. She recognized the need to overcome her egocentric tendencies.
23. The egocentric approach was detrimental to the project.
24. The therapist helped him address his egocentric behavior.
25. An egocentric outlook can hinder collaboration and success.



self-centered, altruistic, selfless, other-oriented


GRE 9 (Graduate Record Examination), Discipline and Self-Control, Arrogance and Selfishness

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