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How to pronounce embezzle (audio)


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Dictionary definition of embezzle

To misappropriate or steal money or assets that have been entrusted to one's care.
"The accountant was caught trying to embezzle company funds."


Detailed meaning of embezzle

It's a type of financial fraud that occurs when an individual, who is in a position of trust and responsibility, uses their authority to take funds or assets for their personal gain. Embezzlement can happen in a variety of settings, including businesses, non-profit organizations, and government agencies. It can be committed by anyone in a position of authority, such as a financial manager, an accountant, a bookkeeper, or a CEO. The embezzler may use various methods to conceal the theft, such as creating false accounting records or diverting funds into secret accounts. Embezzlement is a serious crime and can result in severe legal penalties including fines, restitution, and imprisonment.

Example sentences containing embezzle

1. He was accused of helping his boss embezzle company funds.
2. The charity organizer was caught trying to embezzle donations.
3. They found out that she had embezzled money from the school’s budget.
4. The lawyer warned him that he could face jail time if he continued to embezzle.
5. The accountant used complex transactions to embezzle millions without detection.
6. To everyone's shock, the town's mayor had embezzled public funds for years.

History and etymology of embezzle

The verb 'embezzle' has an etymology that unveils its secretive and dishonest nature. It can be traced back to the Old French word 'embezeler,' which meant 'to steal, cause to disappear' or 'to make away with.' The French term, in turn, has its roots in the Latin word 'abscondere,' which means 'to hide away' or 'to conceal.' This etymology highlights the covert and illicit aspect of embezzlement, as it involves the clandestine misappropriation or theft of money or assets entrusted to one's care. 'Embezzle' thus carries with it the historical essence of concealing and making assets disappear, reflecting the deceitful actions of those who engage in such financial misconduct.

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Further usage examples of embezzle

1. The investigation revealed that the executive embezzled money to fund his lavish lifestyle.
2. The treasurer embezzled funds, causing the collapse of the local community center.
3. The police arrested the manager after he embezzled a substantial sum from the business.
4. The audit exposed that someone within the company had been embezzling for years.
5. She created a fake charity to embezzle funds from well-meaning donors.
6. They’re concerned that the financial officer might embezzle funds due to his gambling debts.
7. The CEO resigned when it was discovered that he embezzled company funds to buy a yacht.
8. Whistleblowers reported that government officials embezzled foreign aid meant for disaster relief.
9. After they embezzled funds, the couple fled the country and lived under false identities.
10. The fraudulent scheme enabled the group to embezzle money from multiple businesses.
11. The non-profit organization implemented new measures to ensure no one could embezzle their funds.
12. The manager embezzled funds from the store and tried to blame it on an employee.
13. She was arrested for embezzling funds but claimed she was framed by her colleagues.
14. To embezzle such a large amount without getting caught, he must have had inside help.



steal, return, reimburse, repay


Prefix em-, Chaos and Conflict, Fear and Ferocity, Criminal Justice and Penalties, Crime and Offenses

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