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How to pronounce embitter (audio)

Dictionary definition of embitter

To cause someone to feel bitter, resentful, or angry towards a person, situation, or event.
"Constant failure and rejection can embitter even the most optimistic person."

Detailed meaning of embitter

It involves the process of making someone's emotions turn sour or negative, often due to a perceived injustice, disappointment, or betrayal. When someone is embittered, they may harbor deep feelings of resentment or hostility, which can poison their outlook and interactions with others. The act of embittering can stem from various factors, such as unfair treatment, repeated disappointments, or a sense of being wronged. It implies a gradual and persistent erosion of positive emotions, replacing them with negative ones. The term "embitter" captures the transformative effect of negative experiences on one's emotional state, leading to a deep-seated bitterness that colors their perspective and responses.

Example sentences containing embitter

1. His constant criticism will embitter the team.
2. The dispute over the inheritance began to embitter family relations.
3. If you let resentment build, it can embitter your heart.
4. The workers' protests embitter the company’s management.
5. She worried that her feedback might embitter her colleague.
6. The prolonged legal battle may embitter both parties.

History and etymology of embitter

The verb 'embitter' has its etymological roots in the combination of 'em,' meaning 'to make,' and 'bitter.' It emerged in the English language in the early 17th century, reflecting the concept of making someone or something bitter. When used in the context of emotions, 'embitter' describes the act of causing someone to feel bitter, resentful, or angry towards a person, situation, or event. It implies the infusion of negative emotions or a souring of one's disposition due to perceived injustice, disappointment, or hardship. The term 'embitter' conveys the idea of transforming a person's emotional state from a more positive or neutral one to a bitter and resentful one, highlighting the ability of external factors to influence our feelings and attitudes.

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Further usage examples of embitter

1. The taste of failure can embitter even the most resilient individuals.
2. The scarcity of resources in the area will embitter the local communities.
3. Don't let the negativity of others embitter your spirit.
4. The strict regulations on free speech embitter the citizens.
5. Harsh winters can embitter the lives of the homeless.
6. They fear that radical changes will embitter their loyal customers.
7. The constant bickering began to embitter their friendship.
8. The divisive political climate continues to embitter the nation.
9. His decision to not share the prize money embitter his friends.
10. The memory of the incident continues to embitter him years later.
11. Unfair treatment in the workplace can embitter employees.
12. The betrayal of his close friend was enough to embitter him.
13. The biased media coverage tends to embitter the public against certain groups.
14. The continuous drone of the construction equipment can embitter the neighborhood residents.



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