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How to pronounce emboss (audio)


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Dictionary definition of emboss

To create a raised or three-dimensional design or pattern on a surface, typically by pressing or stamping.
"The printer will emboss the wedding invitations with a gold foil."

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Detailed meaning of emboss

It involves applying pressure to a material, such as paper, leather, or metal, using specialized tools or machinery to leave a permanent impression. When something is embossed, it acquires a distinct texture or relief, often enhancing its visual appeal and tactile quality. Embossing is commonly used for decorative purposes, adding a sense of elegance, intricacy, or uniqueness to various objects, including stationery, book covers, certificates, and metal artworks. The technique can also be employed for practical purposes, such as adding texture to improve grip on certain materials or to create braille characters for tactile reading. The term "emboss" captures the action of imprinting a design or pattern onto a material, resulting in a visually appealing and tangible effect.

Example sentences containing emboss

1. The artist will emboss a beautiful pattern onto the leather book cover.
2. The machine can emboss your name onto the metal plate in seconds.
3. They plan to emboss the company logo onto the notebooks as a promotional item.
4. The designer is going to emboss a floral design on the fabric to give it a unique texture.
5. She will emboss a monogram onto the cufflinks as a personal touch.
6. The students are excited to emboss their own designs onto the clay during pottery class.

History and etymology of emboss

The verb 'emboss' has its etymological origins in the Old French word 'embocer,' which means 'to swell out' or 'to cause to bulge.' This Old French term, in turn, can be traced back to the Latin word 'in,' meaning 'in,' and 'bucca,' meaning 'cheek' or 'mouth.' In its early usage, 'emboss' referred to the act of causing a surface to bulge or swell out, often through the application of pressure or stamping. Over time, the term evolved to describe the art of creating a raised or three-dimensional design or pattern on a surface, typically by pressing or stamping, which gives the impression of swelling or bulging out from the material. 'Emboss' is commonly used in various crafts, such as printing and metalworking, to add decorative and textured elements to surfaces, retaining its historical connection to the idea of creating raised or embossed designs.

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Further usage examples of emboss

1. The craftsman will emboss intricate patterns on the wooden box to make it look antique.
2. The jeweler uses a special tool to emboss names onto rings for customization.
3. He will emboss the greeting card with a message written in braille for his visually-impaired friend.
4. The wedding invitation was beautifully embossed with the couple's initials.
5. She is going to emboss the wax seal with her family crest on the invitation letters.
6. The tailor uses an iron to emboss creases into the trousers for a sharp look.
7. The blacksmith will emboss the blade of the sword with ornate designs.
8. The stationery store offers to emboss personalized messages onto the notebooks.
9. They will emboss the certificates with the official seal before distributing them to the graduates.
10. She skillfully embosses her initials on the leather wallet.
11. The artisan plans to emboss an intricate pattern onto the silver cuff.
12. Embossing the logo on the certificate will add elegance.
13. He embosses wedding invitations for a personal touch.
14. The stationery features beautifully embossed floral designs.
15. Gold foil lettering embosses the book cover for attention.
16. Using a press, she embosses paper with a textured pattern.
17. The royal seal will emboss the official decree for authenticity.
18. The embossing of the emblem gives the document a regal look.
19. She aims to emboss her leather journal with a meaningful quote.
20. The embossing on the plaque makes it stand out.
21. Intricate details emboss the ceramic vase's surface.
22. Delicate lace patterns emboss the wedding invitations.
23. The artisan plans to emboss a unique tribal motif on the leather belt.
24. The luxurious feel comes from embossing the leather notebook cover.



imprint, flatten, smooth, level


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