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How to pronounce empathetic (audio)


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Dictionary definition of empathetic

Having the ability to understand and share the feelings, emotions, or experiences of others.
"His empathetic nature allowed him to connect deeply with the emotions of those around him."

Detailed meaning of empathetic

It denotes an individual's capacity to empathize, to connect with others on an emotional level, and to genuinely comprehend and validate their perspectives. An empathetic person demonstrates compassion, sensitivity, and a genuine concern for the well-being of others. They have an intuitive understanding of the emotions and experiences of those around them, often being able to offer support, comfort, and understanding. Empathetic individuals are open-minded and non-judgmental, allowing them to create a safe and inclusive space where others feel heard and valued. Their empathetic nature helps build stronger relationships, foster mutual understanding, and promote a more compassionate and empathetic society as a whole.

Example sentences containing empathetic

1. She displayed an empathetic response, offering her friend a comforting hug.
2. The therapist's empathetic approach helped the client feel understood and supported.
3. The teacher's empathetic listening created a safe space for students to express their concerns.
4. The counselor provided an empathetic ear, allowing the student to share their anxieties.
5. Her empathetic gestures, such as actively listening and providing validation, strengthened her friendships.
6. The team leader showed an empathetic understanding of her colleagues' work pressures.

History and etymology of empathetic

The adjective 'empathetic' is formed from the noun 'empathy' with the addition of the suffix '-etic.' 'Empathy' itself has its etymological roots in Greek. It is derived from the Greek word 'empatheia,' which combines 'en,' meaning 'in,' and 'pathos,' meaning 'feeling' or 'emotion.' Therefore, 'empathy' originally meant 'in feeling' or 'the ability to feel into' the emotions or experiences of others. As 'empathy' developed in the English language, the suffix '-etic' was added to form the adjective 'empathetic,' signifying the quality or capacity to understand and share the feelings, emotions, or experiences of others. 'Empathetic' is commonly used to describe individuals who possess this compassionate and understanding quality, emphasizing their ability to connect with and relate to the emotions of those around them, rooted in its Greek origins in the concept of shared feelings and emotions.

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Further usage examples of empathetic

1. The doctor's empathetic bedside manner put the patient at ease during their medical appointment.
2. The empathetic response from the community provided comfort to those affected by the tragedy.
3. The artist's empathetic portrayal of human emotions resonated deeply with viewers.
4. The empathetic approach to conflict resolution fostered understanding and reconciliation.
5. The empathetic response of the charity organization touched the hearts of those in need.
6. Her empathetic nature made her a trusted confidant among her friends.
7. The empathetic counselor offered a shoulder to cry on during tough times.
8. Empathetic gestures, like a warm hug, can heal wounded souls.
9. An empathetic listener, he absorbed every word of her heartfelt story.
10. The empathetic teacher fostered a supportive classroom environment.
11. Empathetic leaders inspire loyalty and camaraderie among their teams.
12. She displayed empathetic kindness by volunteering at the homeless shelter.
13. Empathetic understanding is the cornerstone of strong relationships.
14. The empathetic doctor provided comfort to patients in their darkest hours.
15. His empathetic response reassured her during the crisis.
16. An empathetic approach promotes unity in diverse communities.
17. Empathetic people often excel in roles that require compassion.
18. The empathetic author's words resonated deeply with readers.
19. Empathetic communication bridges gaps in understanding.
20. Empathetic support groups offer solace to those in need.
21. An empathetic neighbor offered assistance after the storm.
22. Empathetic leaders lead with a focus on the well-being of their team.
23. The empathetic judge considered the defendant's circumstances.
24. Empathetic friends celebrate each other's successes genuinely.
25. Empathetic caregivers provide comfort to the elderly in nursing homes.



understanding, unfeeling, insensitive, indifferent


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