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How to pronounce enlist (audio)

Dictionary definition of enlist

To formally sign up or recruit someone to join a cause, organization, or the military.
"The company is looking to enlist new talent for their marketing team."

Detailed meaning of enlist

It can also refer to someone volunteering to become involved in something or to give support to a cause or idea. When someone enlists, they are committing themselves to a specific set of actions or responsibilities. Enlisting is often a formal process that requires paperwork, agreements, and training. People may enlist in the military, enroll in a course or program, or join a political party. The act of enlisting is a way to show dedication and support for a particular mission or cause.

Example sentences containing enlist

1. He tried to enlist in the army, but his medical condition disqualified him.
2. She decided to enlist the help of a professional decorator for her new apartment.
3. The politician made a speech urging young people to enlist in public service.
4. The organization is hoping to enlist more volunteers for their community outreach program.
5. We need to enlist the support of our allies to win this battle.
6. The teacher encouraged her students to enlist their parents' help with their homework.

History and etymology of enlist

The verb 'enlist' has its roots in the Old French word 'enlister,' which was a combination of 'en,' meaning 'in,' and 'liste,' signifying 'a list' or 'roll.' The term 'enlist' was initially used in the context of military recruitment, where individuals were added to a list of soldiers who had formally joined the armed forces. Over time, this word evolved in English, maintaining its essential meaning of formally signing up or recruiting someone to join a cause, organization, or the military. Thus, the etymology of 'enlist' reflects its historical connection to the practice of compiling lists of individuals who had volunteered or been conscripted for various purposes, particularly in the military.

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Further usage examples of enlist

1. He was eager to enlist in the adventure of a lifetime.
2. The athlete decided to enlist a personal trainer to improve his performance.
3. The restaurant decided to enlist the services of a famous chef for a special event.
4. The government is looking to enlist the help of scientists to solve a pressing issue.
5. The environmental organization was successful in enlisting the support of many influential figures.
6. He decided to enlist in the army to serve his country.
7. The organization aims to enlist more volunteers for charity work.
8. She wants to enlist talented musicians for the upcoming concert.
9. The military plans to enlist new recruits next month.
10. They hope to enlist experienced professionals for the project.
11. I will enlist the help of experts to solve this problem.
12. The company seeks to enlist top talent in the industry.
13. He enlisted in the navy after completing his degree.
14. We should enlist allies to support our cause.
15. The school encourages students to enlist in clubs and activities.
16. She plans to enlist the assistance of a lawyer for the case.
17. The team captain wants to enlist skilled players for the tournament.
18. The government is actively enlisting citizens for disaster relief.
19. The coach is eager to enlist new players for the team.
20. He decided to enlist in the police force to uphold the law.
21. The organization's goal is to enlist more donors for the project.
22. She hopes to enlist volunteers to clean up the park.
23. The scout troop aims to enlist enthusiastic young members.
24. They will enlist the support of influential leaders.
25. The company plans to enlist additional staff for expansion.



recruit, discharge, dismiss, reject


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