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How to pronounce episode (audio)


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Dictionary definition of episode

A distinct and self-contained section or part of a series, program, story, or event.
"The anthology series consists of standalone episodes, each with its own unique story."

Detailed meaning of episode

An episode is characterized by having a discrete narrative, theme, or storyline that contributes to the overall structure or progression of the larger work. It can apply to various forms of media, such as television shows, podcasts, or even literary works. Each episode is typically a complete unit in itself, often with its own plot development, conflicts, and resolutions. In television series, an episode is a single installment that contributes to the ongoing narrative arc, usually building upon previous events and leading to subsequent developments. Episodes can vary in length and content, but they are designed to be enjoyed as standalone units or as part of a larger narrative. They serve as units of engagement and provide audiences with a distinct and encapsulated experience within the broader context of a series or story.

Example sentences containing episode

1. Each episode of the series leaves viewers eagerly anticipating the next.
2. The climactic episode of the show resolved long-standing mysteries.
3. Her favorite episode of the podcast explored a fascinating topic.
4. The historical drama's latest episode vividly recreated the past.
5. The medical drama's intense episode kept audiences on the edge of their seats.
6. The tragic episode in the novel marked a turning point for the protagonist.

History and etymology of episode

The word 'episode' originates from the ancient Greek language, where it can be traced back to the term 'episodion.' This word is a combination of two Greek elements: 'epi,' meaning 'upon' or 'besides,' and 'hodos,' which translates to 'way' or 'path.' Therefore, the etymology of 'episode' conveys the idea of something that occurs 'along the way' or 'in addition to the main path.' This is fitting, as in modern usage, an episode is a distinct and self-contained section or part of a series, program, story, or event that often occurs within the overarching narrative, much like something happening 'along the way' in a larger story or series of events.

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Further usage examples of episode

1. The thrilling episode of the crime series had unexpected plot twists.
2. The pilot episode introduced the characters and set the tone.
3. The comedy series always delivers laughter in every episode.
4. A single episode of the documentary covered a complex subject.
5. The musical's opening episode featured captivating songs and dances.
6. The anthology series presents a new story in each episode.
7. The sci-fi show's latest episode explored parallel universes.
8. The soap opera's dramatic episode revealed a shocking secret.
9. The reality TV competition had a suspenseful elimination episode.
10. The courtroom drama's final episode brought closure to the case.
11. The travel series' latest episode showcased breathtaking landscapes.
12. The fantasy series' epic battle episode was a visual spectacle.
13. The animated show's Halloween episode was spooky and fun.
14. The sports documentary's episode highlighted a legendary athlete.
15. The latest episode of the TV series left viewers on a cliffhanger.
16. Each episode of the podcast explores a different topic.
17. The show's season finale was hailed as one of the best episodes to date.
18. The detective series is known for its gripping and suspenseful episodes.
19. The medical drama featured an emotionally charged episode centered around a difficult surgery.
20. I can't wait to watch the next episode of my favorite animated series.
21. The podcast releases new episodes every Monday.
22. The comedy show's pilot episode introduced the quirky cast of characters.
23. The true crime podcast examined a fascinating cold case in its latest episode.
24. The fantasy series had an epic battle scene in one of its early episodes.
25. The documentary series explores different historical events in each episode.



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