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How to pronounce equanimous (audio)

Dictionary definition of equanimous

Calmness, composure, and inner balance in the face of challenging or stressful situations.
"His equanimous response diffused the tension in the room, creating a more harmonious atmosphere."

Detailed meaning of equanimous

A person who is equanimous remains poised and level-headed, maintaining a sense of tranquility and emotional stability even when confronted with adversity. They possess a remarkable ability to remain impartial and non-reactive, exhibiting a consistent sense of peace and equanimity. Such individuals are not easily swayed by external circumstances or turbulent emotions, but instead, they approach life's ups and downs with a steady and serene demeanor. Their equanimous nature allows them to navigate difficulties with grace, embracing a mindful perspective and responding thoughtfully rather than impulsively. Ultimately, being equanimous entails cultivating a centered and serene state of mind that fosters harmony, clarity, and resilience in the face of life's challenges.

Example sentences containing equanimous

1. Despite the chaotic situation around her, she remained equanimous and focused on finding a solution.
2. The equanimous leader calmly addressed the concerns of the team, ensuring everyone felt heard.
3. Even in the midst of criticism, he maintained an equanimous demeanor, refusing to let negativity affect him.
4. The equanimous athlete displayed unwavering composure under intense pressure, securing victory.
5. Through meditation and mindfulness, she cultivated an equanimous state of mind, finding inner peace.
6. His equanimous nature allowed him to make rational decisions even in the midst of uncertainty.

History and etymology of equanimous

The adjective 'equanimous' has its roots in Latin and is derived from the Latin word 'aequanimitas.' This word combines 'aequus,' meaning 'equal' or 'even,' and 'animus,' which translates to 'mind' or 'spirit.' Consequently, the etymology of 'equanimous' conveys the idea of having an 'even mind' or 'balanced spirit.' When we describe someone as equanimous, we are emphasizing their ability to maintain calmness, composure, and inner balance in the face of challenging or stressful situations, reflecting the equilibrium and steadiness implied by its Latin origins.

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Further usage examples of equanimous

1. Despite the setback, she approached the situation with an equanimous mindset, ready to adapt and overcome.
2. The equanimous teacher responded to the students' questions with patience and understanding.
3. In times of conflict, his equanimous perspective helped him find common ground and facilitate resolution.
4. The equanimous artist channeled their emotions into their work, creating masterpieces that resonated with viewers.
5. With an equanimous outlook, she embraced life's challenges as opportunities for growth and learning.
6. Her equanimous demeanor in a crisis always reassures the team.
7. Even amidst chaos, his equanimous spirit remained unshaken.
8. Maintaining an equanimous outlook fosters mental resilience.
9. She faced adversity with equanimous grace and determination.
10. His equanimous response diffused tense negotiations.
11. Cultivating an equanimous mindset is a lifelong journey.
12. The leader's equanimous leadership steadied the ship.
13. Achieving equanimous peace requires inner introspection.
14. In turbulent times, her equanimous nature stood out.
15. His equanimous smile eased everyone's anxiety.
16. Meditation helps in attaining equanimous tranquility.
17. The equanimous monk offered sage advice.
18. An equanimous approach fosters effective decision-making.
19. Her equanimous temperament calms volatile situations.
20. Maintaining an equanimous state benefits mental health.
21. An equanimous response defuses heated debates.
22. The equanimous professor inspired his students.
23. Equanimous leaders inspire confidence in their teams.
24. His equanimous presence brought solace to many.
25. The equanimous artist channeled emotions into her work.



composed, agitated, perturbed, anxious


SAT 1 (Scholastic Assessment Test), Consciousness and Awareness, Composure and Amiability

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