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How to pronounce equidistant (audio)

Dictionary definition of equidistant

Equally distant from a common reference point or object.
"We found a picnic spot equidistant from both our homes."

Detailed meaning of equidistant

It means that the distance between the points is the same, without any deviation or preference. The term "equidistant" is used in geometry to describe points, lines, or planes that are the same distance apart. It is also used in navigation to describe the distance between two or more points on a map. For example, if two cities are located on opposite sides of a river, and the distance from each city to the river is the same, then they are equidistant from the river. In short, the adjective equidistant describes a situation where two or more points are equally distant from a common reference point or object.

Example sentences containing equidistant

1. The two gas stations are equidistant from my house.
2. The trees were planted equidistant from one another in the orchard.
3. The twin stars appeared equidistant in the night sky.
4. Our cabins are equidistant from the central campfire.
5. The points on the circle were equidistant from the center.
6. The playground is equidistant between the two schools.

History and etymology of equidistant

The adjective 'equidistant' is formed by combining the prefix 'equi-' from the Latin 'aequus,' meaning 'equal,' and 'distant' from the Latin 'distans,' which means 'standing apart.' 'Equidistant' entered the English language in the early 17th century. It describes a condition where two or more points or objects are equally distant from a common reference point, implying a balanced and uniform spatial relationship. The etymology of 'equidistant' aptly reflects its meaning, emphasizing the equality in the separation or spacing between objects, locations, or elements. Whether it's describing equidistant points on a map, equidistant spokes on a wheel, or equidistant intervals in time, this term underscores the precise and symmetrical nature of the distances involved.

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Further usage examples of equidistant

1. Each chair was placed equidistant from the conference table.
2. These two islands are equidistant from the mainland.
3. We met at a cafe equidistant from our respective offices.
4. The lighting fixtures were equidistant along the hallway.
5. Place the candles equidistant on the birthday cake.
6. The goalposts are equidistant from the field's center.
7. The mountains appeared equidistant on the horizon.
8. Her earrings dangled equidistant from her shoulders.
9. The birdhouses were equidistant on the fence line.
10. These holes are not equidistant; we need to remeasure.
11. The airport is equidistant from both downtown and the suburbs.
12. I set the speakers equidistant from the television.
13. Both parks are equidistant, so choose the one you prefer.
14. The towers stood tall and equidistant across the cityscape.
15. The footsteps in the sand seemed equidistant, indicating a steady pace.
16. The paintings are hung equidistant in the art gallery for symmetry.

Accuracy and Precision, Clarity and Candor, Uniformity and Consistency, Arrangement and Order

equally distant, unequal, varied, uneven



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