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How to pronounce ex-gratia (audio)

Dictionary definition of ex-gratia

Made out of goodwill, generosity, or sympathy rather than as a legal obligation or requirement.
"He was given an ex gratia payment for his years of service."

Detailed meaning of ex-gratia

When something is deemed ex-gratia, it implies that it is done voluntarily and as a compassionate or gratuitous act to provide assistance or compensation in cases where there may not be a legal or contractual obligation to do so. Ex-gratia payments or offers typically arise in situations like customer service, where a company may issue refunds or compensation to resolve disputes or address customer concerns beyond what is legally required. In legal or administrative contexts, ex-gratia payments may be made to individuals in exceptional circumstances, acknowledging their hardship or suffering. Overall, the use of "ex-gratia" emphasizes benevolence, compassion, and a willingness to go beyond legal obligations to offer assistance or support.

Example sentences containing ex-gratia

1. She received an ex gratia compensation for the loss of her property.
2. The company made an ex gratia payment to the affected families.
3. He was offered an ex gratia settlement for his wrongful dismissal.
4. She received an ex gratia award for her contributions to the community.
5. The government made an ex gratia payment to the victims of the natural disaster.
6. He was given an ex gratia bonus for his exceptional work.

History and etymology of ex-gratia

The adjective 'ex gratia' has its etymology rooted in Latin. 'Ex' means 'out of' or 'from,' and 'gratia' translates to 'grace,' 'favor,' or 'goodwill.' In Latin, 'ex gratia' was used to denote actions or gestures made out of goodwill, generosity, or sympathy rather than as a legal obligation or requirement. This term acknowledges that certain acts are performed voluntarily, often as a gesture of benevolence or kindness, rather than being compelled by law or duty. In contemporary English, 'ex gratia' describes situations where a payment or action is made as a voluntary goodwill gesture, emphasizing the absence of legal or contractual obligation. The etymology of 'ex gratia' reflects its essence as a term highlighting acts of kindness and benevolence beyond the strict boundaries of obligation.

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Further usage examples of ex-gratia

1. She received an ex gratia pension for her years of service.
2. The organization made an ex gratia donation to the charity.
3. He was offered an ex gratia compensation for the inconvenience caused.
4. She received an ex gratia payment for the delay in her flight.
5. The company made an ex gratia payment to the employees affected by the downsizing.
6. The company offered an ex-gratia bonus to recognize employees' hard work.
7. He received an ex-gratia payment as a token of appreciation for his service.
8. The donation was made ex-gratia to support a charitable cause.
9. The landlord waived the late fee ex-gratia due to the tenant's circumstances.
10. The scholarship was granted ex-gratia to assist the deserving student.
11. The airline provided an ex-gratia voucher for the inconvenience caused.
12. The government offered an ex-gratia grant to disaster-affected communities.
13. The boss gave an ex-gratia day off to celebrate the team's success.
14. The school awarded an ex-gratia prize for outstanding community service.
15. She received an ex-gratia discount on her medical bills.
16. The company extended an ex-gratia retirement package to long-serving employees.
17. The university granted an ex-gratia extension on assignment deadlines.
18. The municipality provided ex-gratia support to struggling small businesses.
19. The mayor offered an ex-gratia apology for the city's shortcomings.
20. The court ordered an ex-gratia compensation payment to the victim.
21. The charity distributed ex-gratia food packages to the needy.
22. The museum admission was free ex-gratia during the holiday season.
23. The government decided to provide ex-gratia financial relief to the unemployed.
24. The hotel upgraded their room ex-gratia for the honeymooning couple.
25. The principal offered ex-gratia counseling services to students in need.



voluntarily, obligatory, compulsory, mandatory


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