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for-example, in-general, broadly, universally

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How to pronounce exempli-gratia (audio)


Dictionary definition of exempli-gratia

To introduce an example or illustration, commonly abbreviated "E.G."
"The menu includes a variety of dishes, exempli gratia, pasta, pizza, and sushi."

Detailed meaning of exempli-gratia

Latin for "for the sake of example." The phrase is often abbreviated as "e.g." and it is used to introduce one or more examples that help to clarify or explain a point being made. The phrase is often used in academic and scientific writing, to introduce examples that help to illustrate or clarify a concept or an idea.

In everyday conversation, it can be used to introduce one or more examples that help to clarify or explain a point being made.

In literature and media, "exempli gratia" can be used to introduce examples that help to clarify or explain a point being made, and it can be used to provide more information or context to a story or a character. It is used to indicate that the example or illustration that follows is being provided to clarify or explain a point that has been made.

Example sentences containing exempli-gratia

1. The report provides several examples, such as, exempli gratia, the increase in revenue.
2. The presentation included several case studies, exempli gratia, the success of the new product launch.
3. The textbook includes several illustrations, exempli gratia, the diagram of the human heart.
4. The company offers a range of services, exempli gratia, web design, marketing, and consulting.
5. The research paper provides a number of references, exempli gratia, studies by Smith and Jones.
6. The artist's portfolio includes a diverse range of works, exempli gratia, paintings, sculptures, and installations.

History and etymology of exempli-gratia

The adverbial phrase 'exempli gratia' finds its etymology in Latin. 'Exempli' comes from 'exemplum,' meaning 'example,' and 'gratia' means 'for the sake of' or 'in favor of.' In Latin, 'exempli gratia' was used to introduce an example or illustration in a sentence. Over time, this phrase was abbreviated as 'e.g.' in English, serving the same purpose. 'E.g.' is commonly used to indicate that an example is being provided, allowing for clarification or elaboration on a particular point. The etymology of 'exempli gratia' underscores its function as a linguistic tool for introducing illustrative examples in discourse and written communication, enriching language with the ability to provide concrete instances within broader discussions.

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Further usage examples of exempli-gratia

1. The lecture covered a variety of topics, exempli gratia, the history of the region, and its culture.
2. The list of items includes a variety of materials, exempli gratia, wood, metal, and glass.
3. The guidebook includes information about different attractions, exempli gratia, museums, parks, and landmarks.
4. The conference will feature a number of keynote speakers, exempli gratia, experts in the field of AI.
5. The itinerary includes a variety of activities, exempli gratia, sightseeing, shopping, and dining.
6. We offer a variety of fruits, exempli-gratia, apples, bananas, and oranges.
7. The team has excelled in multiple sports, exempli-gratia, basketball and soccer.
8. He enjoys a range of outdoor activities, exempli-gratia, hiking and cycling.
9. Lunch options include different sandwiches, exempli-gratia, turkey or ham.
10. Several cities host cultural events, exempli-gratia, concerts and art exhibits.
11. We accept various payment methods, exempli-gratia, credit cards and PayPal.
12. The committee values input from all members, exempli-gratia, suggestions and concerns.
13. The curriculum covers a wide range of subjects, exempli-gratia, math and history.
14. The company values qualities like teamwork, exempli-gratia, collaboration and communication.
15. The workshop will explore topics in science, exempli-gratia, physics and biology.
16. Our menu offers an array of appetizers, exempli-gratia, salads and soups.
17. The conference will include keynote speakers, exempli-gratia, experts and authors.
18. The library provides various resources, exempli-gratia, books and online databases.
19. The music store sells a variety of instruments, exempli-gratia, guitars and pianos.
20. The fashion show features different styles, exempli-gratia, casual and formal wear.
21. The festival showcases diverse cultures, exempli-gratia, dance and cuisine.
22. The job requires specific skills, exempli-gratia, coding and data analysis.
23. The seminar covers various aspects of marketing, exempli-gratia, social media and branding.
24. The company values qualities such as integrity, exempli-gratia, honesty and reliability.
25. The art gallery displays works by local artists, exempli-gratia, paintings and sculptures.

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