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How to pronounce exemplify (audio)

Dictionary definition of exemplify

To serve as a typical or representative example of something.
"The professor used a famous quote to exemplify his point about the power of language."

Detailed meaning of exemplify

When we say that a particular person or thing exemplifies a certain quality or characteristic, we mean that it is a clear and effective demonstration of that trait. For instance, we might say that Mahatma Gandhi exemplified the values of nonviolence and civil disobedience, or that the city of Venice exemplifies the architectural and cultural traditions of Renaissance Italy. By using the verb exemplify, we emphasize the importance of the example in question, and suggest that it can serve as a model or inspiration for others to follow. In general, to exemplify something is to provide a concrete and vivid illustration of it, and to make it more accessible and understandable for others.

Example sentences containing exemplify

1. The award-winning novel is a perfect example to exemplify the author's style.
2. The painting is a great way to exemplify the artist's use of color.
3. His work exemplifies the pinnacle of modern architecture.
4. The new project was designed to exemplify the company's commitment to sustainability.
5. She chose to exemplify her love for animals by becoming a veterinarian.
6. The restaurant's menu exemplifies the diversity of the local cuisine.

History and etymology of exemplify

The verb 'exemplify' has its etymological origins in Latin. It is derived from the Latin word 'exemplum,' which means 'example' or 'model.' When something is said to 'exemplify,' it means it serves as a typical or representative example of a particular concept or quality. 'Exemplify' conveys the idea of being a model or illustration that embodies the characteristics or traits associated with a broader category. It implies that the subject exhibits the defining features that make it a clear and instructive example for others to understand and emulate. Therefore, the etymology of 'exemplify' reflects its historical connection to the concept of providing examples or models, underscoring its role in describing something that serves as a representative illustration, as conveyed by its linguistic roots.

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Further usage examples of exemplify

1. The innovative new device exemplifies the latest technology in the industry.
2. The athletes' performances exemplified their dedication to their sport.
3. The community service program was created to exemplify the school's values of empathy and kindness.
4. His philanthropic work exemplifies his commitment to making the world a better place.
5. His actions during the crisis exemplify true leadership, inspiring confidence in his team.
6. The artwork in the exhibition aims to exemplify the evolution of modern artistic techniques.
7. Her dedication to public service exemplify what it means to be a responsible citizen.
8. The professor used a simple experiment to exemplify the law of conservation of energy.
9. His tireless commitment to environmental issues exemplify the spirit of activism.
10. The founding principles of the organization exemplify a commitment to social justice.
11. The novel's characters exemplify the complexities and contradictions inherent in human nature.
12. Their ground-breaking research continues to exemplify excellence in the field of neuroscience.
13. The program's successes exemplify the benefits of investing in community-based initiatives.
14. These design elements exemplify the stylistic traits typical of Art Deco architecture.
15. In her presentation, she used case studies to exemplify best practices in healthcare management.
16. The local farmers market aims to exemplify the virtues of sustainable and ethical consumption.
17. His disciplined approach to training exemplify the qualities necessary for athletic excellence.
18. The city's diverse culinary scene exemplify its rich cultural heritage and influences.
19. The film aims to exemplify the struggles and triumphs of immigrants in a new country.
20. Her entrepreneurial journey exemplify the opportunities and challenges faced by women in business.
21. Their consistent record of successful projects exemplify the effectiveness of teamwork.
22. His choice of classical compositions exemplify the breadth and depth of musical history.
23. The innovative features of the new smartphone exemplify advancements in consumer technology.
24. Her conduct during the negotiations exemplify the principles of diplomacy and tactfulness.



illustrate, contradict, misrepresent, obscure


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