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How to pronounce expression (audio)

Dictionary definition of expression

The act or process of conveying thoughts, emotions, or ideas through words, gestures, facial expressions, or other means of communication.
"The poignant expression in his eyes conveyed his unspoken words."

Detailed meaning of expression

It encompasses a wide range of forms and can be manifested in various ways, including verbal or written language, body language, art, music, or even mathematical equations. Expressions serve as powerful tools for humans to express their innermost thoughts, desires, and experiences, allowing them to communicate and connect with others on a deeper level. Each expression carries its own unique meaning and context, often reflecting the individual's personality, culture, and background. Through the intricate interplay of words, gestures, and emotions, expressions capture the essence of human communication and enable the rich exchange of ideas and emotions that shape our interactions and relationships.

Example sentences containing expression

1. His expression softened when he saw the surprise party waiting for him.
2. She has a knack for capturing the most candid expressions in her photography.
3. The artist's unique expression of beauty is evident in all of his works.
4. The dance was a powerful expression of the community's shared grief.
5. Her expression was unreadable, making it impossible to guess what she was thinking.
6. They saw a change in his expression when he started to speak about his childhood.

History and etymology of expression

The noun 'expression' traces its etymological roots to the Latin word 'expressio,' which is derived from 'exprimere,' a compound of 'ex-' meaning 'out' and 'primere' meaning 'to press' or 'to squeeze.' This etymology underscores the essence of 'expression' as the act or process of conveying thoughts, emotions, or ideas by pressing them out or bringing them forth through words, gestures, facial expressions, or other means of communication. The prefix 'ex-' implies an outward movement, and 'primere' signifies the act of pressing or bringing forth. Therefore, 'expression' embodies the concept of articulating and making something manifest or clear in the realm of communication, deeply rooted in its Latin origins where it denoted the act of pressing out thoughts, emotions, or ideas for effective conveyance.

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Further usage examples of expression

1. His art is an expression of his innermost thoughts and emotions.
2. Her confusion was clear from the expression on her face.
3. Freedom of expression is a fundamental human right.
4. Genetic expression plays a key role in our health and development.
5. The child's innocent expression melted her heart instantly.
6. Nonverbal expression often speaks louder than words in conveying emotions.
7. The artist's brushstrokes captured the essence of emotion in her expression.
8. Effective expression of ideas is crucial in persuasive communication.
9. Facial expressions can reveal hidden emotions in an instant.
10. Poetry is a beautiful form of artistic expression through language.
11. He mastered the art of expression through the subtle use of body language.
12. Music has the power to evoke deep emotions through its melodic expression.
13. Her expression of gratitude was heartfelt and sincere.
14. The orator's speech left a lasting impression with its eloquent expression.
15. In literature, authors use symbolism for nuanced expression of themes.
16. A smile is a universal expression of happiness and goodwill.
17. The actor's expression conveyed the character's inner turmoil brilliantly.
18. Effective expression requires both clarity of thought and eloquence.
19. Interpretation of art often hinges on one's personal expression.
20. Sign language is a vital means of expression for the deaf community.
21. His expression of remorse was genuine, seeking forgiveness.
22. Through dance, she found a powerful medium for emotional expression.
23. The poet's words were an exquisite expression of love's complexities.
24. The abstract painting left room for individual interpretation and expression.
25. Learning a foreign language enriches one's cultural expression.



demonstration, concealment, suppression, reservation


Suffix -sion, TOEFL 3, Communication and Expression, Expression and Communication

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