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How to pronounce fait-accompli (audio)

Dictionary definition of fait-accompli

An event that has already happened and cannot be changed or undone.
"The restructuring was a fait accompli before the employees were informed."

Detailed meaning of fait-accompli

It is often used to refer to something that has been decided or done without consulting or informing others, leaving them with no choice but to accept the outcome. For example, a fait accompli can refer to a political decision or action that has already been taken, and the public or other parties are expected to accept it. It can also refer to a business decision or deal that has already been completed, and the parties involved are expected to abide by it. The phrase is also commonly used in the context of diplomacy, to refer to a situation where a country or group has taken a significant action or achieved a major goal, and other countries or groups are expected to accept it. In literature and media, it is often used to describe an event or situation that is irreversible and has already happened, and the characters are dealing with the consequences.

Example sentences containing fait-accompli

1. The sudden resignation came as a shocking fait accompli.
2. We had no choice but to accept it as a fait accompli.
3. The decision to raise prices was presented as a fait accompli.
4. The new law was enacted as a fait accompli.
5. The project's completion was a satisfying fait accompli.
6. The company's restructuring was a well-planned fait accompli.

History and etymology of fait-accompli

The noun 'fait accompli' has an interesting etymology that originates from the French language. 'Fait accompli' literally translates to 'accomplished fact' in French. It is formed by combining 'fait' (meaning 'fact' or 'deed') and 'accompli' (meaning 'accomplished' or 'completed'). The term emerged in the mid-19th century, primarily in diplomatic and political contexts, to describe a situation or event that has already occurred and is regarded as irreversible or unchangeable. In essence, 'fait accompli' conveys the idea that a decision or action has been taken and concluded, leaving no room for alteration or negotiation. Its etymology underscores its French origins and its widespread use in English to denote an event that is an established and unalterable reality.

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Further usage examples of fait-accompli

1. The acquisition of the smaller firm was a fait accompli.
2. The manager's decision was communicated as a fait accompli.
3. The product launch was a successful fait accompli.
4. The merger was seen as an inevitable fait accompli.
5. They treated the merger as a fait accompli.
6. The new policy rollout was executed as a fait accompli.
7. The announcement of the layoffs was a painful fait accompli.
8. The reorganization of the department was a fait accompli.
9. The construction of the new facility was a fait accompli.
10. The board's decision to expand was a strategic fait accompli.
11. The CEO's resignation took everyone by surprise, a fait accompli.
12. The budget cuts were introduced as a fait accompli.
13. The decision to discontinue the product was a fait accompli.
14. We were informed about the decision as a fait accompli.
15. The merger was presented as a fait accompli, with no opportunity for input from the employees.
16. She treated the new policy as a fait accompli and made no effort to involve others in the decision.
17. The acquisition was a fait accompli by the time the shareholders were informed.
18. He treated the change as a fait accompli and made no effort to seek input from others.
19. She presented the proposal as a fait accompli, with no room for discussion or negotiation.
20. He presented the decision as a fait accompli and refused to consider alternative options.
21. She treated the outcome as a fait accompli and made no effort to appeal the decision.
22. The takeover was a fait accompli by the time the board of directors was informed.
23. He presented the agreement as a fait accompli and refused to entertain counter offers.
24. She treated the budget cuts as a fait accompli and made no effort to find alternative solutions.
25. The closure of the plant was a fait accompli by the time the union was informed.



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