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How to pronounce fanfare (audio)


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Dictionary definition of fanfare

A loud and showy display or celebration that is designed to draw attention and create excitement.
"The fanfare of trumpets announced the arrival of the king and queen."

Detailed meaning of fanfare

Fanfares can take many forms, including musical performances, parades, or elaborate ceremonies. They are often associated with important events, such as the arrival of a dignitary or the launch of a new product or service. Fanfares may also be used to signal the beginning or end of an event, or to announce an achievement or accomplishment. The term 'fanfare' can also refer to the music itself, which typically consists of loud and brassy brass instruments playing a short, upbeat melody. Overall, fanfares are intended to create a sense of grandeur and importance, and to inspire feelings of excitement and anticipation in those who witness them.

Example sentences containing fanfare

1. The grand opening of the new store was accompanied by a fanfare of trumpets.
2. The arrival of the celebrity was met with a fanfare of flashing cameras and cheers.
3. The wedding reception began with a fanfare of music and fireworks.
4. The announcement of the team's victory was met with a fanfare of excitement from the fans.
5. The book launch was celebrated with a fanfare of book signings and author interviews.
6. The product launch received a fanfare of media coverage.

History and etymology of fanfare

The noun 'fanfare' has its roots in the Middle French word 'fanfarer,' which means 'to sound a trumpet' or 'to play a fanfare.' This Middle French term was derived from the Old Provençal word 'fanfarar,' which had a similar meaning. Fanfares, in their original sense, were short, lively tunes played on trumpets or other brass instruments to announce or celebrate significant events or dignitaries. Over time, the term 'fanfare' expanded to encompass not only the musical aspect but also the lively and attention-grabbing nature of such celebrations or displays. Today, 'fanfare' refers to any elaborate, showy, and often loud display or celebration intended to draw attention and create excitement, even if it doesn't involve literal trumpet music.

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Further usage examples of fanfare

1. The theater production started with a fanfare of colorful costumes and elaborate set designs.
2. The graduation ceremony featured a fanfare of speeches and awards.
3. The restaurant's grand reopening was marked with a fanfare of delicious dishes and live music.
4. The politician's arrival at the rally was greeted with a fanfare of campaign posters and enthusiastic supporters.
5. The award show kicked off with a fanfare of celebrity red carpet arrivals.
6. The parade began with a fanfare of marching bands and floats.
7. The holiday season was ushered in with a fanfare of twinkling lights and festive decorations.
8. The museum exhibit's opening night was met with a fanfare of art enthusiasts and critics.
9. The movie premiere had a fanfare of Hollywood stars walking the red carpet.
10. The circus performance started with a fanfare of acrobats and clowns.
11. The charity gala was a night of glamour and fanfare, with attendees dressed in their finest attire.
12. The aircraft show featured a fanfare of aerobatic stunts and skydiving displays.
13. The opera's overture was a fanfare of orchestral brilliance.
14. The sports championship was celebrated with a fanfare of fireworks and confetti.
15. The new tech gadget was unveiled with a fanfare of futuristic features and demonstrations.
16. The fashion show opened with a fanfare of models strutting down the runway.
17. The historic event was commemorated with a fanfare of reenactments and period costumes.
18. The charity auction concluded with a fanfare of record-breaking bids.
19. The musical performance ended with a fanfare of applause and standing ovations.



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