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How to pronounce fatuous (audio)

Dictionary definition of fatuous

Incredibly foolish, trivial, or devoid of meaning, often to the point of being silly or absurd.
"He was criticized for his fatuous remarks about sensitive topics."

Detailed meaning of fatuous

When a person's actions, statements, or ideas are labeled as fatuous, it suggests a severe lack of seriousness, rationality, or intelligence. This term conveys a sense of shallowness and emptiness, highlighting a lack of substance or depth in the subject matter. Fatuousness is typically associated with behavior or thoughts that are frivolous, inane, or completely lacking in purpose or significance. It is often used in a critical manner to point out the utter pointlessness or absurdity of certain actions or notions.

Example sentences containing fatuous

1. The fatuous argument made no sense and was easily debunked.
2. She was annoyed by the fatuous behavior of her coworkers.
3. The fatuous excuse was clearly made up and not believed by anyone.
4. The fatuous TV show was filled with shallow characters and predictable plotlines.
5. The fatuous book was filled with superficial advice and had no real substance.
6. She was embarrassed by the fatuous mistakes she made in the presentation.

History and etymology of fatuous

The adjective 'fatuous' has its etymological roots in Latin. It is derived from the Latin word 'fatuus,' which means 'foolish' or 'silly.' In its original sense, 'fatuus' was used to describe someone who exhibited a lack of good sense, often to the point of absurdity. Over time, the term 'fatuous' found its way into English, retaining its meaning of being incredibly foolish, trivial, or devoid of meaning. When applied to ideas, actions, or statements, it conveys a sense of silliness and absurdity, highlighting the sheer lack of seriousness or depth. This etymology underscores the enduring nature of human folly and the need for a word like 'fatuous' to capture the essence of actions or notions that are not just foolish but also characterized by a sense of triviality and absurdity.

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Further usage examples of fatuous

1. He was known for making fatuous jokes that fell flat.
2. The fatuous article was filled with misinformation and was quickly debunked by experts.
3. She was annoyed by the fatuous attempts of her coworkers to be funny.
4. He was later reprimanded for making a fatuous comment in front of the client.
5. He was known for making fatuous comments that showed his lack of intelligence.
6. The fatuous statement made it clear that the speaker had no real understanding of the topic.
7. The fatuous comment during the meeting not only wasted time but also derailed the important discussion at hand.
8. His fatuous attempt at impressing the boss backfired, leaving colleagues bemused and skeptical of his judgment.
9. The celebrity's fatuous remarks on social issues revealed a stunning lack of understanding and sensitivity.
10. Her fatuous grin in serious situations often made people question her ability to comprehend the gravity of the matter.
11. The scientist dismissed the fatuous theory as utterly unhelpful to the advancement of their research field.
12. Even though the film had stunning visuals, its fatuous plot left viewers unsatisfied and questioning its purpose.
13. The politician's fatuous promises failed to convince the well-informed electorate, resulting in a loss at the polls.
14. Amidst insightful conversations, her fatuous observations stood out as superficial and lacking in substance.
15. His fatuous spending habits led to financial instability, teaching him a harsh lesson about money management.
16. The fatuous joke during the ceremony was not only inappropriate but also diminished the event's significance.
17. The artist's fatuous installation puzzled critics who saw no depth or meaning in the exhibited work.
18. Her fatuous advice to "just be yourself" in a complex situation demonstrated a lack of practical wisdom.
19. Despite the urgency of the crisis, the committee's fatuous debate about semantics frustrated all involved.
20. The fatuous questions he asked in class indicated a lack of preparation and respect for the subject matter.
21. The novel was full of fatuous dialogues that neither advanced the plot nor provided any emotional depth.
22. The marketing campaign's fatuous slogan failed to resonate with consumers, leading to a rebranding effort.
23. His fatuous gestures of goodwill were transparent attempts to curry favor without genuine concern.
24. The TV show was criticized for its fatuous portrayal of historical events, misleading its audience.
25. Though the play was well-acted, the fatuous script left much to be desired in terms of storytelling.
26. The student's fatuous essay lacked both coherence and argumentative force, earning a low grade as a result.



silly, intelligent, sensible, wise


GRE 12 (Graduate Record Examination), SAT 9 (Scholastic Assessment Test), Naivety and Stupidity, Absence and Lack

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