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How to pronounce faux (audio)

Dictionary definition of faux

Not genuine or authentic, but rather an imitation or reproduction of the real thing.
"She expressed faux concern for the well-being of her colleagues."

Detailed meaning of faux

Often associated with the term "faux pas," which means a social blunder or mistake, "faux" denotes a simulated or artificial quality. When something is described as faux, it signifies that it resembles a particular material, style, or concept, but it lacks the inherent qualities or value of the original. This term is commonly used to refer to faux leather, faux fur, or other synthetic materials that imitate the appearance of genuine animal products. It can also extend to artistic or decorative elements, where "faux" versions replicate the look of valuable or natural materials without possessing their true substance or significance.

Example sentences containing faux

1. She wore a faux pearl necklace with her evening gown.
2. The restaurant had a faux brick wall that added character to the space.
3. The movie set had faux windows and doors to create the illusion of a real building.
4. The sofa had a faux suede upholstery that felt soft to the touch.
5. The designer created a faux snakeskin handbag that was both stylish and affordable.
6. The fashion show featured models wearing faux fur coats and jackets.

History and etymology of faux

The adjective 'faux' has its etymological roots in French. It is a French word that means 'false' or 'fake.' 'Faux' comes from the Old French term 'fals,' which is related to the Latin word 'falsus,' meaning 'false' or 'deceptive.' This etymology underscores the notion that something described as 'faux' is not genuine or authentic but instead an imitation or reproduction of the real thing. In essence, 'faux' denotes a deliberate and often artistic attempt to mimic or replicate the appearance of something authentic, making it a valuable term for identifying imitation or counterfeit items, particularly in the realms of fashion and design.

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Further usage examples of faux

1. The home decor store sold faux plants and flowers for those who didn't have a green thumb.
2. The art gallery had a faux marble floor that was actually made of tile.
3. The holiday decorations included a faux Christmas tree and garlands.
4. The costume shop had a selection of faux weapons and armor for theatrical productions.
5. The makeup artist used a faux eyelash set to enhance the model's eyes.
6. The cake was decorated with faux pearls and diamonds made of sugar.
7. Her faux fur coat, though synthetic, felt incredibly soft and luxurious.
8. The faux leather couch resembled real leather but was budget-friendly.
9. He wore a faux diamond ring to create the illusion of wealth.
10. The faux marble countertops in the kitchen fooled guests with their realism.
11. She appreciated the convenience of the faux fireplace, which emitted warmth.
12. The faux wood flooring added a rustic charm to the living space.
13. The faux designer handbag raised questions about its authenticity.
14. He served a variety of faux meat dishes to accommodate vegetarian guests.
15. The faux antique vase was so convincing that it deceived collectors.
16. The faux brick wall gave the room an industrial and trendy vibe.
17. Her faux accent was so convincing that people thought she was from Europe.
18. The faux pearl necklace completed her elegant and sophisticated look.
19. The faux vintage car was a crowd-pleaser at the classic car show.
20. He enjoyed the faux nostalgia of the retro-themed diner, complete with vintage decor.
21. The faux granite countertops gave the kitchen a modern and stylish appearance.
22. The faux gold watch was a thoughtful gift that gleamed with elegance.
23. She adorned her garden with faux stone sculptures, adding an artistic touch.
24. The faux stained glass window illuminated the room with a kaleidoscope of colors.
25. His faux British accent was a source of amusement and laughter.
26. The faux wood blinds not only offered privacy but also enhanced the room's aesthetics.



fake, genuine, authentic, real


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